Steppe landscapes


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Steppe landscapes

Steppe Eurasia: a regional review of natural diversity

Chibilev, А.А. Степная Евразия: региональный обзор природного разнообразия

The monograph is devoted to a regional review of natural diversity in Steppe Eurasia which the author understands as a megaregion enveloping steppes, forest-steppes and desert steppes in Eurasia.

Steppes of Northern Eurasia: materials of VII International Symposium

Степи Северной Евразии 2015

The collection is included materials presented on VII International Symposium “Steppes of Northern Eurasia”. The work reflects the most valuable issues of stable steppe development of Northern Eurasia, problems of ecological restoration of steppe nature diversity, inventory of steppe etalons and it represents results of scientific researches in the main steppe science centers.

The «Shaytan-Tau» reservation – an etalon of oak-forest steppe in South Ural

Chibilev, A.A.

In the monograph it is generalized complex materials about researches of mountainous forest-steppe landscapes in South Ural, aimed to prove and establish mountainous a state reservation «Shaytan-Tau» in Orenburgskaya oblast.

The “Orenburgsky” reservation: history of organization and nature diversity

Chibilev, A.A. Заповедник "Оренбургский": история создания и природное разнообразие

The monograph summarizes data of the author and the Institute of Steppe UB RAS prepared in the projecting period, organization and the beginning period of the state environmental reservation “Orenburgsky” activity. There is given a complex landscape-ecological characteristics of four plots of the reservation.

Protection of steppe communities and plant conservation: a case of one Russian territory

Smelansky I., Korolyuk A., Artemov I.

Smelansky I., Korolyuk A., Artemov I. Protection of steppe communities and plant conservation: a case of one Russian territory // Proceedings of 4th European Conference on the Conservation of Wild Plants. A workshop on the implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation in Europe / Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain), […]

Face of steppe

Chibilev, A.A. Лик степи

This is the classic edition on steppe landscapes and steppe conservation in former USSR.

Adaptation to climate change in the river basins of Dauria: ecology and water management

Edited by Kiriliuk, O.K. and Simonov, E.A. klimats1

This collection includes the first results of implementing the complex program “Influence of climate changes on the ecosystems of Dauria ecoregion and nature-protecting adaptations to them”, which is being realized on the basis of the Dauria international protected area.

Steppe Bulletin


Work bulletin on conservation of steppe ecosystems and sustainable use of steppes
The bulletin is publishing by the NGO “Siberian Environmental Center” since 1998

Karst landscapes of the western periphery of South Urals

Pavleichik, V.M. pavleichik_karstovie_landshafti

(Русский) Особое внимание уделено оценке влияния карстовых процессов и сопутствующих им явлений на формирование современных ландшафтов Южного Предуралья. Выявлены особенности фациально-типологической организации карстовых геосистем, рассмотрены характерные черты почвенно-растительного покрова. На основе проведенного районирования приведены краткие описания наиболее представительных карстовых участков, а также рассмотрены вопросы хозяйственного освоения и проблемы охраны.

Steppe Bulletin
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