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Project UNDP/GEF Improving the Coverage and Management Efficiency of Protected Areas in the Steppe Biome of Russia
ПРООН ГЭФ Минприроды России
This website was created and is supported by the UNDP / GEF / Ministry of Russia project "Improving the coverage and management efficiency of protected areas in the steppe biome of Russia"


Steppes diversity: Non-steppe ecosystems concerned with steppes

In many cases some other types of ecosystems forming characteristic and indispensable grasslands are inseparably linked with steppes. The most obvious examples are forest-steppe and semi desert. In the forest-steppe the meadow steppes form a complex mosaic of forests, meadows and xeromesophytic shrubs. The semi desert is indicated of a mosaic of dry and desert steppes with communities of northern sagebrush and saltwort-sagebrush desert, halophytic deserts and saline meadows.

Some specific variants of forest and wetland ecosystems that are not found outside the steppes dissemination are associated with steppes too. In the vast lowland of Western Siberia the steppe ecosystems combine with saline and sweet lakes, saline meadows, communities of succulent halophytes on salt marshes and birch groves. The other special cases are oak, elm or larch “savanna” where single trees are dispersed in steppe herbage don’t forming groves. 

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