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Steppes diversity: Meadow steppes

Meadow steppes are characterized with domination of xeromesophytic loose-bunch grasses, more mesophytic bunch grasses and sedges (particularly Phleum phleoides, Poa stepposa, Helictotrichon schellianum, Calamagrostis epigeios, S. pennata, Carex humilis have diagnostic value), meadow rich-in-forbs steppes. The characteristic features of plants: high species richness (up to 60-80 species per 100 m2) and evenness (polydominant property) of species structure; great biomass, the relatively big part of which is situated under the ground surface; relatively high (up to 1 m and more) and dense grass; exchange of big numbers (up to 11) of blossom aspects during the vegetative season. The summer rest (period of half-rest) concerned with droughts and high temperatures is not marked. The podzolized, leached heavy and typical chernozems are formed under these steppes. Meadow steppes form the steppe component of forest-steppes (in the European part of Russia and in the Western Siberia). Meadow steppes can be divided generally into rich-on-forbs (close to steppe meadows) and feather rich-on-forbs (more xerophytous) meadow steppes. These steppes often contact forests and bushes of large brushes which are situated both depressions and specific substratum and watersheds.

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