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Steppe Bulletin №37 winter 2013

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Fifteen years in steppe conservation


Problems of restoration of steppe ecosystems on post virgin lands of Russia and Kazakhstan - Levykin, S.V, Chibilev, A.A., Kazachkov, G.V., Yakovlev, I.G., and Grudinin, D.A.

Ecological network

Malachite mounting for Emerald net - Sobolev, N.A.
NEWS Affirmed lists of areas – candidates to Emerald net
Perspective territories for steppe biodiversity conservation and enlargement of nature reserve fund on the north of Lugansk Province - Borovik, L.P., Yarotsky, V.Yu., Pasternak, V.P., Markov, R.V., and Shepitko, V.S.

Inventory of steppes

Inventory of chalk steppes in Ukraine 1. Lugansk Province - Vasiliuk, A.V., Kolomytsev, G.K., and Krivokhizhaya, M.V.

Improving steppe land use

Agrolandscape ecological zoning of forage lands of Northern Caucasia - Trofimova, L.S., Trofimov, I.A., and Yakovleva, E.P.

Steppe under protection

NEWS Created state nature reserve “Altyn Dala” in Kazakhstan
NEWS New steppe wildlife refuges of Donetsk Province
Why the national park in Sengilei mountains is necessary

Steppe region

Steppe shrubs of Volga forest-steppe - Kudryavtsev, A.Yu.

Steppe under threat

Regional landscape park “Kramatorsky” can lose chalk steppes

Protection of species of special concern

Monitoring of Saiga antelope populations in Kalmykia, 2011-2012 - Badmaev, V.C. and Gabunschina, E.B.
Hello, dzeren. Welcom? - Malkov, E.E.
NEWS Saker falcon is the national bird of Mongolia
NEWS Falconry is recognized non-material cultural heritage
NEWS Moratorium on export of Saker falcon in Mongolia
Working group on development of conservation strategy for Little bustard in Russian Federation
Strategy for conservation and restoration of East European population of Great bustard in Russia
What strategy will save Great bustard? - Antonchikov, A.
New species list for Red Data Book of Russia – what is for steppe animals? - Smelansky, I.Ed., Karyakin, I.V. and Antonchikov, A.N.
Suggestions to new species list of Red Data Book of Russia: steppe insects of Volga region - Anikin, V.V., Zolotikhin, V.V. and Sachkov, S.A.


20 years to Russian Birds Conservation Union!
International seminar “Sustainable development in transboundary area in Altai”
Established Cino-Russian Joint Laboratory on Grassland Ecolo­gy and Sustainable Utilization
Public organizations have estimated politics of Ukraine in steppe conservation


Tulip festival will be held in Kalmykia on April 2-30, 2013


International scientific-applied conference “Palaearctic Eagles: study and conservation”
International scientific-applied conference “Forest-steppe of Eastern Europe: structure, dinamics and conservation”
Seventh international scientific-applied conference “Crimea reserves: biodiversity and conservancy in Azov and Black Sea area”
XXII International Grassland Congress

New books

New books
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Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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