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Steppe Bulletin №36 autumn 2012

Steppe restoration

How many fallow lands on the steppe region of Russia? - Smelansky, I.
Natural recovery of agricultural landscapes in steppe and forest-steppe zones of Orenburg Province - Russanov, A.M.
Restoration of vegetation on fallow lands in dry steppe subzone of Kazakhstan: importance of pasture

Steppe under protection

“Dvurechansky” – new national park for conservation of chalk steppes - Krivikhizhaya, M. and Lavrova, O.
Chalk steppes of the Oskol area: national park instead of quarries

Steppes in towns

Porohovaya balka – refugium of virgin steppes within the town - Lipkovich, A.D.

Steppe under threat

Barvenkovsky steppes – coal production or national park?
Short description of planned national park “Barvenkovsky Steppe”
Zinc phosphide is a threat for steppe ecosystems of Ukraine - Boreiko, V.E and Parnikoza, I.Yu.
State programs of afforestation in steppe zone of Russia: potential and actual threats to steppes - Klimanova, O.A.

Regulations of steppe conservation

Regime pasture and mowing as a method of steppe ecosystems management in Russian protected areas: choice of indicators - Trofimov, I.A., Trofimova, L.S. and Yakovleva, E.P.

Protection of species of special concern

Wintering of Saiga antelope in Korgalzhynsky reserve - Koshkin, A.V.
Mass deaths of Saiga antelopes of Betpakdala population
Strengthened legal foundation for protection of Saiga antelope in Kazakhstan
Signed Russian-Kazakhstan agreement on Volga-Ural Saiga antelope group
Red Data Book is not barrier to hunting?
Inspection of Saker falcon status in Russia and Kazakhstan – the results are depressive - Karyakin, I.V., Kovalenko, A.V., Levin, A.S., Moshkin, A.V., Barashkova, A.N. and Nikolenko, E.G.
Investigation of dangerous for birds power lines in the western Orenburg Province - Barbazyuk, E.V.
Saga pedo and possibilities for its conservation in Volgograd province - Buyankin, V.I.


New legal acts of Russian Federation


News of UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia


International Conference “Steppe habitats of Europe – threat, conservation measures, and protection”
Second International Conference “Bustard Birds of Palearctic: Methods of Ex-situ Conservation”


International conference “Conservation of steppe and semidesert ecosystems in Eurasia”
10th European Dry Grassland Meetings “When theory meets practice: Conservation and restoration of grasslands”
International scientific conference “Soils of arid areas, methods of conservation, preventing degradation and desertification”
Scientific conference “Flora and vegetation of Central Black Earths – 2013″

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