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Steppe Bulletin №35 summer 2012


The role of Russian steppe ecosystems in carbon deposition - Smelansky, I.

Steppe under protection

Steppe territories of nature reserve resources of Lugansk province - Vasiluyk, A., Krivikhizhaya, M. and Kolomytsev, G.
New steppe areas were put under protection in the Lugansk province
One of largest fragments of Pontus-Caspian flat steppes was protected in the Ukraine - Parnikoza, I. and Boreiko, V.
Prepared the grounds for creation of steppe reservation in the Western Kazakhstan

Steppes under protection

Ulytau is national park or wildlife refuge?

Steppe under protection

Created first landscape wildlife refuge in Kemerovo province
EVENTS Duarian steppes deserve being the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site

Regulations of steppe conservation

The reserve “Melovaya flora” is losting chalk steppes - Limansky, S.V.

Cultural heritage in steppe

Importance of objects of historian-cultural heritage for steppe investigation and conservation - Lisetsky, F.N.
The role of burial mounds in the conservation of steppe flora of Ukraine: results of 10-years study - Moissienko, I., Sudnik-Voitsikovska, B. and Dembich, I.

Steppe under threat

Open dialogue about the problem of steppe afforestation - Burkovsky, A.
Project of resolution of the round-table “Steppe forestation and sylvicultural reclamation in Ukraine” (April 5, 2012, Kiev)

Protection of species of special concern

New data on Manul in Tyva - Barashkova, A.

Keystone species

Reintroduction of Steppe marmot to Centralno-Chernozemny reserve - Brandler, O.V., Vlassova, O.P. and Vlassov, E.A.
Horses in Rostovsky reserve: discussion is not finished - Lipkovich, A.D.


Southern Cone Grasslands Alliance: an initiative for the conservation of the South America´s Southern Cone Grasslands


Trainings on management of fire situation and extinguishing of steppe fires
Fire-fighting equipment for steppe reserves
GIS for steppe reserves
The Public Chamber of Russian Federation adverted to conservation of steppe ecosystems
International seminar “Prevention of illegal trade by the wild animals, plants and its derivatives”


Lands division to categories of end use will be abolished in Russia?


Second International scientific conference “Biodiversity of Asiatic steppes” and Round-table “Conservation and restoration of Saiga populations”
Sixth international symposium “Steppes of Northern Eaurasia”


Second international scientific conference on geographic basis of forming of ecological network in Northern Eurasia

New books

New books

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Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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