Saiga Conservation Alliance – Small Grants Programme 2012



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Saiga Conservation Alliance – Small Grants Programme 2012

Saiga Conservation AllianceProposals are sought for small saiga conservation projects. Eligible projects will:

  • Be concerned with the conservation of the saiga antelope in the wild (not in captivity)
  • Have a direct and clear impact on the status of the saiga antelope
  • Be a maximum of one year in length (to be completed by the end of September 2013)
  • Have a budget up to US$2,000
  • Be clearly self-contained, rather than being a small component of a larger project.
  • Be affiliated to the Saiga Conservation Alliance, and bound by the rules of its constitution, and the reporting requirements that are laid out therein.

The project proposal should clearly demonstrate how the project contributes to fulfilling the goals of the Convention on Migratory Species’ Medium Term Work Programme for the saiga antelope ( Within this, it can involve any activity (public engagement, research, anti-poaching activities etc). It is hoped that a wide range of projects can be supported, geographically and in terms of conservation actions.

The Small Grants Programme is not intended for the payment of salaries, honoraria or overheads (other than directly incurred field costs). However, if it is necessary to incur expenditure of the types listed above for the fulfilment of the project aims, the reason for these expenses must be clearly laid out in the project proposal.

The proposal should be not more than 4 sides in total, using Times New Roman font of not less than 12 point and single-spaced, and the word limits for each section should be abided to.

Projects that do not fulfil all of the requirements set out above will not be considered.

There is no requirement to be associated with the SCA in order to submit a proposal, but if you would like advice before submission, you are welcome to discuss your proposal with the Steering Committee member in your country or with the SCA Secretary (

Details of previous successful projects can be seen online at

Please submit your proposal by e-mail as an attachment to the SCA Secretary, Elena Bykova (, by 1st September 2012. Proposals can be submitted in Russian or English. Successful applicants will be notified by 30th September 2012. No expenditure incurred before 30th September 2011 or after 1st October 2013 can be refunded.

You can find the application form and more detail about the Saiga Conservation Alliance at






Full Name:


Contact details (address, phone, fax, e-mail):


Place of work:


Project title (max. 15 words):


Project location (country, region, best shown on a map of the study area):


Project aims (max 200 words):













How does the project contribute to the CMS Medium Term Work Programme (giving the relevant numbers of the actions in the MTWP)?:















Project work plan (max. 500 words):











How does this project relate to ongoing work by you or others (max. 100 words)?








Budget, with a short explanation of each budget line, for example transport costs, field costs, consumables, communications etc (200 words):











Timetable for the work, with a brief breakdown of the work stages, showing the timing of fulfilment of each stage, including the delivery of interim and final reports:











I hereby apply for a grant from the Saiga Conservation Alliance, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions laid out in the SCA’s constitution and the small grants announcement.



Signed:                                                                                  Date:

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