Karalar Steppe: from regional to national park | №30 autumn 2011 | Steppe Bulletin 
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Steppe under protection

Karalar Steppe: from regional to national park

Ivan Yu. Parnikoza (Kiev Fortress Museum, Kiev), Elena V. Godlevskaya (Institute of Zoology, Kiev), Roman A. Zimnukhov (Karalarsky Regional Landscape Park, Crimea)

Conservation of undisturbed and spontaneously-restoring tracts of steppe in the north-eastern part of the Crimean Peninsular is discussed and the biological value of the Karalar Steppe, which is currently protected within a regional landscape park, and its adjacent areas is summarized.  Karalar Steppe is a refuge for many populations of plant species listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine, including such species as bunchgrass (Stipa borysthenica and S. brauneri), painted orchid (Orchis picta), crocus (Crocus pallasii) and tulip (Tulipa schrenkii and T. quercetorum).  Rare bird species, such as the great bustard, little bustard, demoiselle crane, rosy starling and black-winged stilt, all of which are highly vulnerable to disturbances, nest here.  The authors conclude that the existing regional landscape park is not a sufficient form of protection to preserve Karalar Steppe biodiversity, while its proposed zoning for recreation and tourism contradicts the current norms of Ukrainian law.  It is suggested that the existing protected area should be converted into a national park that would embrace two areas of high natural and archaeological value, namely Osovinskaya Steppe and Artezian area, where regulated tourism and recreation can take place.

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