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Steppe Bulletin №34 winter 2012

Steppe under protection

Prospects for extending the steppe protected area network in Kursk Province - Poluyanov, A.V., Malysheva, N.S.
Federal wildlife refuges in Kalmykia receive their manager - Ubushaev, B.S., Gabunschina, E.B.
New federal wildlife refuge established to protect the Mongolian gazelle
New steppe wildlife refuge established in Zabaikalsky Province
NEWS New steppe wildlife refuge established in Stavropol Province
New steppe protected areas established in some parts of Ukraine
Public support allowed the continued development of an ecological network in Ukraine
What can the Concept for Protected Areas Development in Russia contribute to steppe conservation?

Ecological network

Identification of Important Plant Areas in the Azov Sea Region - Kolomiychuk, V.P., Peregrim, N.N.

Inventory of steppes

Steppe ecosystems within state forest land in Lugansk Province (the second phase of creating a steppe inventory in Ukraine) - Vasilyuk, A., Kolomytsev, G.
A workshop on steppe inventory in Russia

Steppe under threat

From the Editor
Let’s preserve the identity of Belgorod province! - Gusev, A.V.
International conservation organisations call on Ukraine to halt the afforestation of steppe

Protection of species of special concern

Census of saiga carried out in Kalmykia
Census of sociable lapwing conducted during the migration stop-over in the Manych Depression - Malovichko, L., Muzaev, V., Jamirzoev, G.


Workshop “Problems of bird electrocution and bird safety on overhead power lines: modern scientific and practical experience”
Bonn Convention Conference of the Parties: raising the saker falcon conservation status and other results
Steppe eagle is the Bird of the Year in Kazakhstan - Sklyarenko, S.


Paschalis Dougalis


The Red Data Book of Dnepropetrovsk Рrovince is published

Keystone species

Status of the steppe marmot in the Central Black Earth region - Brandler, O.V., Vlassov, A.A.
The tragedy of free-ranging horses in Rostov Nature Reserve: an attempt to correct past mistakes - Lipkovich, A.D.
“We know not what is good”: a discussion on feral horses in Rostov Nature Reserve - Spasskaya, N.N. and Paklina, N.V.


Workshop on the conservation of the Ural population of saiga antelope
Round-table discussion on sustainable financing of protected areas in Kazakhstan
Two seminars for employees of steppe protected areas


International Conference “Management of steppe protected areas”
Research and Practice Conference “Issues of current importance in protected area management in the Northern Caucasus”
Steppe Oak Woods and Pannonic Sand Steppes Conference
First International Polish-Ukrainian school on protected area management


International Conference “Terrestrial vertebrates of arid ecosystems”

New books

New books
On the financing of the Steppe bulletin

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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