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Steppe Bulletin №33 Autumn 2011


Why is a convention on grassland conservation in Europe necessary?
NEWS Conservation of steppe biome is among the goals of trans-boundary cooperation between Orenburg and Aktyubinsk Provinces

Steppe region

Steppe ecosystems in the Kerch Peninsula in urgent need of protection - Parnikoza, I.
New steppe wildlife refuges are created in Kirovograd and Lugansk Provinces, Russia

Steppe management

Two sides of a coin – state programs supporting free-ranging animal husbandry in the steppe regions of Russia


New legal acts of the Russian Federation

Steppe under threat

To halt afforestation of Ukrainian steppes!
Belgorod Province – afforestation
Unique nature monuments or material for soda? - V.B. Martynenko

Protection of species of special concern

What is happening to the steppe eagle? - Karyakin, I.
A monument to the Tarbagan marmot
Has the speckled ground squirrel disappeared in Kursk Province?
LETTER TO THE EDITOR What does the steppe keep silent about? - Koshkin, A.V.
NEWS Preparation for reintroducing the Bobak marmot to the Centralno-Chernozemny Nature Reserve
Census of Mongolian gazelles was conducted in Dauria
Monitoring of bird mortality on overhead power lines in Orenburg Province
Protection of birds on overhead power lines in Dauria

Steppes under protection

Conservation of steppe biodiversity in Kazakhstan – approaches and actions
NEWS The last step is made in creating Altyn Dala Nature Reserve

Steppe under protection

Training for employees of the first steppe national park in Kazakhstan

Steppes under protection

Seminar on environmental planning
Planning for Irgiz-Turgai Nature Reserve

Steppe under protection

Russian UNDP/GEF steppe conservation project assists in equipping the Chernie Zemli Nature Reserve - E. Gabunschina, V. Badmaev

Improving steppe land use

Organisation of environmental monitoring in ecosystems of the Altyn Dala desert-steppe area in Kazakhstan - Telkaraeva, A.K., Sklyarenko, S.L. and Lukanovsky, O.Ya.


Steppe Biodiversity Project in Ukraine and Moldova – the first six months


“Dry grasslands of Europe: biodiversity, classification, and management”
Resolution of the International conference “Waterfowl of Northern Eurasia: geography, dynamics and population management” (Elista, Kalmykia, 2011)
Resolution of the International Conference “Integration of ecosystem services into the economies of the Newly Independent States”
International seminar “Innovative technologies for adaptation to climate changes and sustainable development in Western Mongolia”


11th Ubsunur International Symposium “Ecosystems of Central Asia – research, conservation and sustainable resource use”
6th International Symposium “Steppes of Northern Eurasia”
International Research and Practice Conference “Management of steppe protected areas”
International Conference “Environmental Cooperation between Zabaikalsky Province (Russia), Inner Mongolia (China) and Eastern Aimag (Mongolia) in trans-boundary ecological regions”
9th European Dry Grassland Meeting “Dry Grasslands of Europe: Grazing and Ecosystem Services”

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Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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