The 9th European Dry Grassland Meeting



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The 9th European Dry Grassland Meeting



European Dry Grassland Group (EDGG) ( has been established in August 2008. It is as an official group of International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS, Its basic aims are to compile and to distribute information on research and conservation in dry grasslands beyond national borders, and to stimulate active cooperation among dry scientists NGO’s and all who work with or are interested in dry grasslands.

Hellenic Range and Pasture Society (HERPAS) ( has been established in December 1992. It is a member of the European Grassland Federation (EGF, Its basic aims are to broaden, disseminate and apply knowledge related to the conservation of rangelands and pastures, to promote the research and education for rangelands and pastures, and to establish partnership and cooperation with similar societies both within Greece and elsewhere.

Supporting organisations and institutions:

International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS,; its original precursor was the International Phytosociological Society (IPS) which was founded in 1939. IAVS is a worldwide union of scientists and others interested in theoretical and practical studies of all aspects of vegetation. The main goals of the IAVS are to facilitate personal contacts among vegetation scientists all over the world and to promote research in all aspects of vegetation science and its applications.

Municipality of Prespa ( It is the major state’s administration unit in the area of Prespa, Greece. Recently (June of 2010), it took its current form by expanding its geographical scope to the area of Krystalopygi. The municipality has its main goal the prosperity and well being of the citizens (16 villages, 1570 inh.) who live in its state (504 km2).

Society for the Protection of Prespa ( It has been established in the area of Prespa, Greece in 1990; its members are ten (10) national and international environmental NGOs. The SPP’s mission is to safeguard the natural and cultural heritage of the Prespa basin as a whole, for the benefit of all its inhabitants both today and in the future.

Prespa National Forest Management Body ( It has been established in the area of Prespa, Greece in 2002. Its main purpose is to protect and conserve biological diversity in the area of Prespa having always driven sustainable development and management of the region, while focus on protecting and guarding the area to information – awareness and environmental education of citizens through organizing conferences, workshops, exhibitions and general promotional activities.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ( was founded in 1807. It aspires to be a valued and respected provider of products and services that make important contributions to advances in knowledge and understanding, a role that is essential to progress in a healthy and prosperous society. Wiley’s mission is to provide must-have content and services to professionals, scientists, educators, students, lifelong learners, and consumers worldwide.

Main topic of the meeting:

Dry Grasslands of Europe: Grazing and Ecosystem Services

Subtopics: a) grazing impacts on biotic environment (impacts on soil and water resources, desertification, climate change and dry grasslands, etc.), b) grazing impacts on abiotic environment (impacts on plants, vegetation units, fauna, etc.), c) ecology and management of dry grasslands (all types of biotic interactions, succession, biodiversity, restoration and conservation of dry grasslands, etc.), d) dry grasslands and rural societies (grasslands of high nature value, CAP reforms, permanent pastures, science-based policy, etc.).

All other topics related to dry grassland ecosystems are also welcome.

Preliminary time schedule:

18.05 (Friday): arrival to Prespa, registration, accommodation

19.05 (Saturday): registration, opening ceremony, lectures, poster session, HERPAS General Assembly

20.05 (Sunday): excursion to Mt. Devas, boat trip to Macro Prespa Lake, grassland party

21.05 (Monday): lectures, poster session, EDGG General Assembly

22.05 (Tuesday): excursion to Mt. Varnous, visit to Agios Achillios island, meeting with local herders

23.05 (Wednesday): excursion to Mt. Sfika

Language: English

Accommodation is available in single, double, three- or four-bed rooms, or in apartments. The approximate price is 20-30 € per night per person. A list of available hotels will be given in the second circular. Participants may choose between guesthouses in several villages. Small busses, free of charge, will be available to carry participants from and to the Meeting Center on specific hours according to the meeting programme and the needs of participants.

Conference publications: All participants will receive a book of abstract, which will be also published online on the EDGG homepage.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the quality of the submitted full papers and the positive opinion of the writers, the HERPAS intends to publish a book (in English) with selected contributions.

The book will have the title of the meeting. Detailed information concerning the full paper submission will be provided in the second circular.

Based on the number, quality and topics of the submitted abstracts, the Local Organising Committee together with EDGG might organise Special Features in international journals as in previous years. Potential target journals are Plant Biosystems, Biodiversity & Conservation, Journal for Nature Conservation, Journal of Biological Research, or Tuexenia. If you are interested in contributing to such a Special Feature or if you have suggestions regarding journal, topic or guest editors, please contact to the Local Organising Committee.

Prizes: As in previous years, prizes will be given to young scientists who excellently present their researches (orally or in poster). For these purposes, young scientists (less than 35 years old) will be asked in the registration desk if they want to participate in the contest.

Registration will be open from 20th of October at the Conference homepage:

Important dates:

Deadline for registration: 28 February 2012
Deadline for abstract submission (to consider for publication in the Book or Special Features): 30 November 2011
Deadline for abstract submission (to include only in the Book of Abstracts): 28 February 2012

Fees: A charge of 100 € per person (70 € for non-graduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students) will cover

a) mid-session snacks and soft refreshments,
b) tickets for two lunches (1st and 3rd day),
c) ticket to grassland party,
d) attendant pack (book of abstracts included),
e) boat tour from Psarades bay along the southwest coast of Lake Macro Prespa to visit Christian hermitages (sketes) from Byzantine eras,
f) snacks and soft refreshments for the first excursion (second day of the Meeting), and
g) the Book published from HERPAS (it will be sent as soon as it is ready)

An additional amount of 10 €/day will be charged optionally for those who take part in the second (4th day) and third (5th day) excursion. The amount covers sandwiches and soft refreshments.

All fees will be paid in the registration desk in the first day.

Contact persons:

Michael Vrahnakis, Department of Forestry and Management of Natural Environment, Technological Educational Institute of Larissa, Terma Mavromihali, GR-43100, Karditsa, Greece, (for requests regarding scientific programme, deadlines, fees, and other organizational maters).

Yiannis Kazoglou, Municipality of Prespa, GR-53007, Lemos, Prespa, Greece, (for requests regarding accommodation and other specific information concerning Prespa).

Full circular (Pdf, 1 Mb)

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