NGO Siberian Environmental Center 
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NGO Siberian Environmental Center

SibEcoCenter – interregional charitable NGO created in 1999.

Main activities:

  • The pristine nature: the study of pristine ecosystems and vulnerable species in Southern Siberia and Eastern Kazakhstan, identification and monitoring of important bird and plant territories.
  • Special protected natural territories: participation in the planning and creation of the network of territories, long-term support and help in securing the functioning of the system.
  • Protection of the civil rights: Protecting the health of natural ecosystems against industrial and construction projects and unsustainable natural resource use.
  • Societal control: Monitoring the observance of laws in relation to nature conservation, water resource and forest resource use and of the condition of the vulnerable territories.
  • Trade control: Monitoring and counteracting the illegal sale of plants and animals in Southern Siberia.
  • Environmental education: Educational environmental programmes for children and adults, public actions and campaigns, promoting the quality of government officials working with the issues of nature conservation.
  • Coordination of the nature conservation movement: Organization of seminars and conferences, publications, websites, the coordinating center in the Southern Siberia for all-Russian and international networks for nature conservation organizations.

630090 Novosibirsk, Ak. Koptyuga str., 1-А, for letters – Russia 630090 Novosibirsk, P.O.Box 547;
Tel./fax: +7 383 328 30 26; e-mail:

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