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Steppe Bulletin №32 summer 2011


Steppe, mineral resources and policy
Smolenice Declaration

Steppe region

Inversion forest-steppe in northwestern Caucasus - Lipka, O.N.

Ecological Network

First steps towards the creation of a steppe inventory in Ukraine - Vasilyuk, A.V.

Steppe under protection

Towards the establishment of Tarbagatai National Park in Kazakhstan - Utyasheva, T.R., Berezovikov, N.N., and Verzilov, M.A.
Naurzum State Nature Reserve is 80 years old! - Bragina, T.M. and Bragin, E.A.
ANNOUNCEMENT International research conference “Current state of natural communities in Naurzum Nature Reserve and the Reserve’s input into their study and conservation”
Russian-Chinese cooperation in conservation: is there any cause for optimism?
Ubsunur Hollow is becoming a trans-boundary biosphere reserve
Chui-Oozy Nature Park in Altai is closed down

Protection of species of special concern

Distribution of Pallas’ cat in Kazakhstan: still many uncertainties - Barashkova, A.N.
Status of the steppe eagle population in Kalmykia - Medzhidov, R.A., Muzaev, V.M., and Badmaev, V.B.
Action Plan for preventing bird mortality on overhead power lines - Saltykov, A.V.
Recommendations of the Russian Bird Conservation Union on the formulation of integrated plans for bird safety on overhead power lines
ANNOUNCEMENTS The workshop “Problems of bird electrocution and bird safety on overhead power lines: modern scientific and practical experience”
EVENTS Budapest Declaration on bird mortality and power lines
EVENTS Workshop on the Implementation and Coordination of the Saiga Antelope Memorandum of Understanding
EVENTS International Conference “Waterfowl of Northern Eurasia: geography, dynamics and population management”

Improving steppe land use

Biofuels against geese
Conference on abandoned lands: impressions three years later

Steppe under threat

Results and prospects of planting forest in steppe areas - Popkov, M.

Steppe fires

Steppe fires in spring 2011
Chalk Flora Nature Reserve threatened by wildfires - Limansky, S.V.
EVENTS Training workshop on extinguishing forest and steppe fires


Daurian Steppe Transboundary Conservation Cooperation Workshop
The Public Chamber of Orenburg Province supported the conservation of steppe


Conservation and Restoration of Steppe in Orenburg Province - Katasonov, S.M.


Filling in gaps and removing contradictions in national and provincial legislation governing the conservation of steppe ecosystems - Bakirova, R.T.
Improving legislation to conserve and restore natural ecosystems on farmland - Levakhin, V.G.


International award for the conservation of saiga


International scientific conference “Geographic basis of ecological network establishment in Russia and the Eastern Europe”. Valdai Declaration
International Forum “Environment for Ukraine” supported the conservation of steppe
All-Polish scientific conference “Dry grassland diversity in Poland”


Tenth International Conference “Botanical issues in Southern Siberia and Mongolia”
Sixth International Conference “Nature reserves in the Crimea: biodiversity and conservation in Azov-Black Sea Region”
Third International conference “Biodiversity and conservation of genetic diversity of flora, fauna and people in the Central Asia

New books

New books

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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