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Steppe Bulletin №30 winter 2010

Steppe region

Conservation of steppe natural diversity in the southern Ural region on the border area between Russia and Kazakhastan - Levykin, S.V., Petrichshev, V.P., Kazachkov, G.V., Yakovlev, I.G., Shkalikov, R.P. and Nurushev, M.Zh.

Steppe under protection

Planning protected area network in Aktobe Province, Kazakhstan - Nazarchuk, M.K. and Nazarchuk, L.N.
Current status of protected areas in the Don River region and key issues relating to Rostovsky Nature Reserve - Minoransky, V.A.
Autumn observations of birds within the buffer zone of Rostovsky Nature Reserve - Lipkovich, A.D.
Karalar Steppe: from regional to national park - Parnikoza, I.Yu., Godlevskaya, E.V., Zimnukhov, R.A.
NEWS A new regional steppe landscape park was created in the Crimea
New list of nature monuments in Altai Province is approved
Jongar-Alatau National Park established in Kazakhstan - Valdshmit, L.I.

Protection of vulnerable species

Conservation of saiga - Nyssanbaev E.
Aerial census of saiga antelope in Kazakhstan
On the large-scale saiga antelope die-off in the Volga and Ural watershed area - Grachev Yu.A. and Bekenov A.B.


Second workshop on the Implementation and Coordination of the Saiga Antelope Memorandum of Understanding
Seminar on restoration of wild ungulates in Kazakhstan: planning of reintroduction of Asiatic wild ass and Przewalski’s horse
First international symposium on conservation of bustards and management of their populations
Tenth International workshop “Past, present and future of marmots in Eurasia and ecological aspects of marmot distribution in Baikal region”

Protection of vulnerable species

The unique Important Bird Area on the border between Russia and Kazakhstan requires protection - Rozenfeld, S.B.

Keystone species

Are feral horses of any use? - Spasskaya, N.N.

Steppe under threat

Steppe military ranges in Ukraine may be auctioned - Vasilyuk, A., Parnikoza, I., Movchan, Ya. and Burkovsky, A.
Afforestation is planned in the steppe regions of Russia - Smelansky I.


New legal texts of Russian Federation
New legal texts of Kazakhstan Republic


Altyn Dala: supporting ecosystem-scale conservation in Kazakhstan - Sklyarenko S.L., Urazaliev R.S., Salemgareev A.R. and Kamp I.
News of GEF/UNDP steppe conservation project in Kazakhstan


International conference “Eurasian steppes: status, threats and adaptation to climate change”. The Hustai Declaration on the Eurasian steppe
International conference “Ecological consequences of biosphere processes in the ecotone zone of South Siberia and Central Asia”. The Ulan-Bator Declaration
International scientific conference “Theoretic and applied problems of grassland use, conservation and restoration of grassland biodiversity”


Second International scientific conference “Biodiversity of Central Asia”
International scientific conference “Current issues in geobotany”

New books

New books

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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