Steppe ecosystems in the updated network of regional nature monuments in Samara Province | №31 winter 2011 | Steppe Bulletin 
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№31 winter 2011

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Steppe under protection

Steppe ecosystems in the updated network of regional nature monuments in Samara Province

Alexey Pazhenkov (Volga-Ural Econet Assistance Centre and Ecotone Laboratory, Samara)

Compared to many other regions in Russia, protected areas in Samara Province include a significant number of steppe areas that need protection and require special attention in linking protected areas into a network. Results of inventorising regional protected areas and affirming their legal status conducted in the Province since 2008 are summarized. In actual fact, the nature monument is now the only valid category of regional protected areas in Samara Province. Two hundred and fourteen (214) nature monuments were re-investigated during the survey. The protection regimes of all re-confirmed nature monuments were revised according to their purposes and current legislation. 

This resulted in the removal of discrepancies between the requirements of conservation and the land law relating to nature monuments and the creation of a good base for changing the legal status of land within the boundaries of nature monuments into a category of conservation land (if required). The conservation status of protected areas will now be guaranteed, even if lands are to be sold, and must be taken into account when making decisions on allowing any activity to take place within the areas.     

The three most important steppe areas for which the conservation status was reconfirmed during the survey are addressed in more detail. These are two nature monuments in Bolshechernigovsky District and one in the Shigonsky District of Samara Province.

Key words

Nature monuments, protected area inventory, protected area legal status, regional protected area, conservation land, Samara Province, Bolshechernigovsky District, Shigonsky District, steppe

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