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Steppe Bulletin №31 winter 2011

Steppe region

Steppes in Poland? They exist and need urgent rescue efforts - Katarzyna Barańska, Anna Cwener

Improving steppe land use

Use of rangelands on Sailughem Ridge (Republic of Altai) in light of the establishment of a new national park - Bailagasov, L.V.
NEWS Special purpose state program on Development of Pedigree Horse Breeding in the Russian Federation for the period 2010-2013
Сonception of sustainable rural areas development in the Russian Federation up until 2020
Federal program in support of sheep breeding can be developed in Russia

Ecological network

What is the best way to develop the Econet in Ukraine: bottom up or top down? - Vasilyuk, A., Kostyushin, V., Kolomitsev, G.
Coordinating Council on Econet development in Ukraine recognises the need to protect steppe

Steppe under protection

Steppe ecosystems in the updated network of regional nature monuments in Samara Province - Pazhenkov, A.S.
NEWS Administrative reform crushed conservation in Ukraine
New steppe protected areas established in Ukraine
Buiratau National Park established in Central Kazakhstan

Protection of species of special concern

Little bustard: current status and conservation prospects - Antonchikov, A.
Conservation status of saker falcon in the IUCN Red List is lowered - Karyakin, I.V.
Cause of saiga deaths in Kazakhstan - Sapanov, M.K.
Status of the marmot populations in Mongolia - Adiya, Ya., Brandler, О.V.

Steppe under threat

Pros and cons with the construction of the Eurasia and Volgo-Don-2 canals - Minoransky, V.A.
NEWS Afforestation of steppes in Donetsk Province recognised as being illegal
Steppe conservation in south-west Crimea: hardships of Karan’sky Nature Refuge - Bondareva, L.V., Pankeeva T.V.


STEPPE RESTORATION. Central Chernozemny Nature Reserve begins restoring meadow steppe on abandoned arable land - Vlassov A.A.
PROTECTION OF SPECIES OF SPECIAL CONCERN. Assessment of steppe eagle nesting populations undertaken
Assessment of Pallas’ Cat population status in Russian Dauria - Anna Barashkova, Vadim Kiriliuk
STEPPE UNDER PROTECTION. Steppe nature reserves in Russia receive new equipment
Working meeting on establishment of Altyn Dala state nature reserve in Kazakhstan
New project on conservation and sustainable use of steppe in Ukraine and Moldova


New legal acts of Russia


Regulation Modes in Steppe Protected Areas International Research and Practice Conference dedicated to 130th birth anniversary of Professor V.V. Alekhin)
The 8th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Dry Grassland of Europe: Biodiversity, Classification, Conservation and management
The 16th All-Russian Meeting on Soil Zoology

New books

New books

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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