How to protect Altai Argali in Transboundary Area of Russia and Mongolia, Altai-Sayan Ecoregion 
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№20 winter-spring 2006

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Защита уязвимых видов

How to protect Altai Argali in Transboundary Area of Russia and Mongolia, Altai-Sayan Ecoregion

Mikhail Yu. Paltsyn (ARKHAR NGO and Gorno-Altaisk State University, Russia),
Yondon Onon (WWF Mongolian Program Office, Mongolia),
Sukh Amgalanbaatar (Argali Wildlife Research Center, Mongolia),
Serguei V. Spitsyn (ARKHAR NGO and Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina Biosphere Reserve, Russia)

The conservation strategy for Altai argali in Russia prepared by WWF is going to be published in 2005. This strategy outlines general activities for argali conservation in Russia but success of these actions greatly depends on the development of international conservation cooperation with other countries in Altai-Sayan Ecoregion, mainly with Mongolia. Development of international conservation strategy for argali is one of the most important forms of cooperation between Russia and Mongolia, which will help to coordinate and unite conservation efforts of both countries in transboundary zone.

As a result of our joined research in transboundary zone of Russia and Mongolia recommendations for conservation of argali and other endangered species were advanced. The general ideas are the following: to involve border guards of Russia and Mongolia in anti-poaching activities; to develop cooperation on conservation of protected areas in transboundary; to create new protected areas; to organize Community Based Wildlife Management (CBWM) areas; to develop alternative sources of income for the local community; to organize an international monitoring system for argali populations

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