Proposals to optimization of Econet in Kazakhstanian part of Altai-Sayan Ecoregion 
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№20 winter-spring 2006

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Ecological network

Proposals to optimization of Econet in Kazakhstanian part of Altai-Sayan Ecoregion

Yu.K. Zinchenko (Eastern-Kazakhstanian History and Economy Museum, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan)

A network of protected areas available in Kazakhstanian Altai does not encompass the existing landscape and biological diversity. The Markakol Nature Reserve (Zapovednik) and Katon-Karagai National Park are the main protected areas in Kazakhstanian Altai. Steppe ecosystems fall within least protected and represented in both ones. In the frames of the program, developed by UNDP/GEF and Government of Kazakhstan, &qquot;Protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in Kazakhstanian part of Altai-Saian Ecoregion&qquot; (2002-2004) some proposals on network development and optimization were started (an expanded network development scheme). It was improved and supplemented owing to the program &qquot;Elaboration of development scheme of protected areas network in Eastern-Kazakhstanian Region in 2006-2010&qquot; (&qquot;Eco-Altai&qquot;, 2004) and design work, carried out by the Center of remote sensing and GIS &qquot;Terra&qquot; while preparation to enlargement of Markakol Nature Reserve (2005).


1) to establish Regional Natural Park &qquot;Juzhno-Altaiskii&qquot; (South Altaian) which incorporates clusters &qquot;Bas-Terekti&qquot;, &qquot;Kiziltas&qquot;, &qquot;Kabinski&qquot; (all of them contain vast steppe areas); as an alternative – to create a protected areas network inside the proposed area, with a class not lower than a State Nature Refuge;

2) to enlarge the area of Markakol State Nature Reserve by including cluster sites &qquot;Matabaiski&qquot;, &qquot;Kaldzhirski&qquot; (major of the latter is a steppe), riverside fur-woods and the northern part of the lake bank, total area is 27931 hectares, according to the project by the Center &qquot;Terra&qquot;;

3) to enlarge the area of Katon Karagai National Park joining the site &qquot;Berkutaul&qquot; and allocate the sites with unique plant communities &qquot;Kara-Kabinski&qquot;, &qquot;Bukhrat&qquot;, &qquot;Verkhnebukhtarminski&qquot; (including mountain steppe and mountain meadows) for zones with a special usage mode.

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