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Steppe Bulletin №27 autumn 2009

EU Steppe project

Modern station of steppe pastures in south districts of Republic of Moldova - Izverskaya T.D., Gendov V.S.
The course of project in Moldova
EVENTS International seminar “Eurasian steppes: conservation and management”


Kazakhstan project “Conservation and sustainable use of steppe ecosystems” - Assylkhan Assylbekov
Environmental initiative “Altyn Dala” in Kazakhstan

Ecological network

NEWS Two lake systems of North Kazakhstan were recognized internationally

Steppe in danger

Dauria and Argun yesterday and today. Will it be future? - Kiriliuk, O.K.
Public campaign “Save Ukrainian steppes!”. Chronical of first six months - Vasilyuk, A.V.
Will the president of Ukraine help to steppes? - Peregrim N., Moisienko I., Kolomiychuk V., Zagorodnyuk I.
About mechanism of functioning of ecosystems and conservation land use because of Kyoto afforestation in steppe zone - Zelenskaya N.N., Kerzhentsev A.S.

Protection of vulnerable species

Conservation of saiga is special theme of XXIX Congress of the International union of game bilogists
Saiga in Russia: modern status, conservation and restoration - Melnikov V.V., Sidorov S.V
Number, structure and reproduction of saiga population in Kazakhstan - Grachev Yu.A., Meldebekov A.M., Bekenov A.B.
Wildlife refuge “Stepnoi” of Astrakhan province and its contribution to saiga conservation - Sandrikov A.A., Khludnev A.V.
NEWS Russia acceded to the Memorandum of Understanding
Resettlement of Przewalski’s horses in Xinjiang (China)
Stifftail in Varna district of Chelabinsk Province - Gashek, V.
New sites of mass accumulation of the Sociable lapwing in future steppe Altyn Dala Reserve - Kamp, I., Timoshenko, A., Iskakov, T. and Batyrkhan-uly, K.
EVENTS Workshop devoted to status and conservation of the Saker falcon (Falco cherrug),
Seventh international conference on the Lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni)


How we protect prairies - Catrina Crowe


EVENTS Round-table on improving the legislation of Kazakhstan in the biodiversity area


Fifth international symposium “Steppes of Northern Eurasia” and Jubilee workshop devoted to twentieth anniversary of Orenburgsky nature reserve


Workshop on preparation of international conference on influence of climate change to steppe ecosystems


International conference “Eurasian Steppes: Status, Threats and Adaptation to Climate Change”
First international symposium on Great Bustard Conservation and Monitoring Network
Legal problems of steppe conservation and fight against desertification

New books

New books
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Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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