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Steppe Bulletin №28 winter 2010

From Editors

…Plus inventory

Improving steppe land use

EU Steppe Project Conservation of steppes in respect to economics - Bais, I. and Bosh, R.
Calendar of pastures management – instrument for ecologization of cattle-breeding
Pro-biodiversity business in the Steppe Zones of the Eurasia Region: project’s results - Jack Foxall

Combat desertification

New books

Steppe region

PROJECTS GEF supported the conservation of steppe ecosystems of Russia
Orenburg province is the sample steppe region of Russia - Levykin, S.V. and Kazachkov, G.V.
Daurian steppe: originality, significance and ways to conservation - Kiriliuk, V.E.
Status of meadow-steppe ecosystems of Kursk province - Filatova, T.D., Vlassov, A.A. and Zolotukhin, N.I.

Steppe under protection

Centralno-Chernozemny reserve is the conservation center of meadow steppes - Vlassov, A.A., Zolotukhin, N.I. and Filatova, T.D.
Unexampled enlarged the network of steppe protected areas - Vasilyuk, A.V.

Inventory of steppes

Inventory of steppes and measures for the conservation of steppe biotopes of the south of Kiev province - Vasilyuk, A.V. and Parnikoza, I.Yu.
Steppes of European Russia: destruction of stereotypes - Parshutina, L.P.

Protection of vulnerable species

NEWS Mongolian gazelles came to Russian border - Kiriliuk, V.
About marking of Sociable lapwings in Kazakhstan in 2004-2009 - Koshkin, M., Sheldon, R. and Kamp, I.

Ecological network

Investigation for developing of protected areas network in the Central Kazakhstan - Sklyarenko, S.L., Tsuter, Sh., Sidorova, T.V., Shaimuhanbetov, O.K., Gromov, A.V. and Salemgareev, A.R.
EVENTS Round-table “Perspectives of developing of steppe protected areas in Kazakhstan”


New legal acts of Russian Federation


International conference “Ecological consequences of biosphere processes in ecotone zone of South Siberia and Central Asia”
Sixth international symposium “Raptors of Asia: science and conservation today and in future”
Conservation of Saker falcon (Falco cherrug) in Europe

New books

New books
From Editors

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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