№51-52 autumn-winter 2018-2019 
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Steppe Bulletin №51-52 autumn-winter 2018-2019

Strategy of steppe conservation

Could the development of virgin lands accelerate climate change on the planet? - Kurganova, I.N.

Steppe under protection

The last steppe section of the Kuznetsk basin was saved. But not all - Manakov, Yu.
NEWS Wildlife refuge Archekassky Kryazh is created in Kemerovo province
Created Karansky wildlife refuge! - Bondareva, L.V.
New steppe wildlife refuges in the Donetsk province - Spinova, Yu. and Vassilyuk, A.
Tarbagatai national park was established in East Kazakhstan
Two new steppe wildlife refuges appeared in the Orenburg province
Two anniversaries of «Cretaceous flora» - Limansky, S.

Steppes under threat

Natural Park «Baskunchak» facing the threat of a sharp weakening of the regime - Golovachev, I.V.
On the practical activities of biosphere reserves (or what is primary – the law or business?) - Zelenskaya, N.N.
An attempt to develop the field in the protected zone of the reserve «Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina» did not take place - Kurbatskaya, S.S. and Kanzai, V.I.
Illegal ploughing in Ukraine: the problem and reasons

Important areas

Two more types of steppe ecosystems are recognized as protected by the Bern Convention

Protection of species of special concern

Specially protected steppe plants in the Altai reserve - Zolotukhin, N.I. and Zolotukhina, I.B.
Cross-border demand poses a threat to plants in Dauria - Korsun, O.V.
On the causes of death of saiga and other ungulates in nature - Rotshild, E.V.
The method of monitoring the saiga antelope to support the conservation of the species: an example of Betpak-Dala population - Ukrainsky, V.V., Ukrainsky, E.V. and Pereladova, O.B.
NEWS Cases of poaching on saiga in Korgalzhyn reserve
The smuggling of saiga horns on the border in 2017-2019
Why is the practice of partial legalization of trade in endangered derivatives flawed
Great bustard was chosen as a bird of 2019 in Kazakhstan
Pallas’s cat Global Action Planning Meeting
II International scientific and practical conference «Palaearctic Eagles: study and conservation»


The Russian legislation on protected areas has been amended, potentially important for the conservation of steppes


Steppes remain the focus of ACBK activities for the next three years


Solutions for climate-smart land use in the dry steppes of Russia


Defender of wildlife of the Don steppes (to the 80th anniversary of professor V. A. Minoransky)


VII Festival of ecological tourism “Sung steppe»
VIII International steppe forum of the Russian Geographical Society


VII International Symposium on the conservation of Przewalski’s horse
VI International ornithological conference «Modern problems of ornithology of Siberia and Central Asia»

New books

New books

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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