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Ключевые ботанические территории степей Бурятии

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Steppe Bulletin №50 autumn 2017

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In memory of our teacher Mirkin Boris Mikhailovich - Yamalov, S.M, Martynenko, V.B., Abramova, L.M., Khasanova, G.R. & Lebedeva, M.V.

Steppe under protection

The landscapes of Dauria were recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Кирилюк О.К.
The Sredneagunsky wildlife sanctuary was created in Zabaikalsky Krai - Korsun, O.V., Goroshko, O.A. & Mikheev, I.E.
NEWS Created the National Park «Sengileevskie Mountains»
Enlarged the territory of the Irgiz-Torgai reserve
The ecological park «Alty Sai» was created in Kostanai province
New steppe protected areas in Samara province

History of steppe conservation

The history of the Kamennye Mogily reserve – to the 90 years from creation - Vassiliuk, A.

Steppe under threat

Rostov province has rejected the nature monuments - Demina, O.N.
«Steppe Priazovskaya» is no more the nature monument? - Minoransky, V.A.
Chronicles of protection of the Tarutinskaya Steppe – 2017 - Alexey Vassiliuk & Oleg Tsaruk
Ploughing up of meadows in the protective zone of the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve - Buivolov, Yu.A.
To save steppe or to extract oil?
Jeeping threatens steppe parks and reserves of the Ukraine - Vassiliuk, A.

Important areas

Important Plant Areas of steppes in Buryatia: criteria of identifying and analysis of biodiversity - Kholboeva, S.A., Namzalov, B.B. & Baskhaeva. T.G.

Protection of species of special concern

(Русский) Развивать нельзя сохранить. Где поставить запятую? - Stepantsova, N.
Will the Marbled polecat stay in the Red Data Book of Russia? - Smelansky, I.
The program of reintroduction of the Przewalsky’s horse in the Orenburg reserve: stage 3
The reintroduction of the Onager started in the steppes of Central Kazakhstan
The number of the Mongolian gazelle increases in the protective zone of the Sokhondinsky reserve
The status of some steppe species was increased in the frames of the Bonn Convention

Ecological education

The Day of Steppe was celebrated in the Ukraine for the first time
VI Festival of ecological tourizm «Glorified Steppe» was held


III International scientific conference «Biological diversity of Asiatic steppes»
International conference «Advancing the conservation of the great bustard in Asia»


Eighth International Symposium «Steppes of Northern Eurasia» (The Steppe Forum of RGS)
Conference «Scientific and educational activity in protected areas: modern status and problems of development»
II International ornothological conference «Birds and agriculture: modern status, problems, and perspectives of investigation»
IV All-Russian scientific-applied conference «Problems of investigation and restoration of landscapes in forest-steppe zone»

New books

New books

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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