The Eighth International Symposium «Steppes of Northern Eurasia»



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The Eighth International Symposium «Steppes of Northern Eurasia»

The First Information Letter

The Steppe Institute of the Ural Branch of the RussianAcademy of Sciences (IS UB RAS) along with the other stakeholders holds the Eighth International Symposium on ‘Steppes of Northern Eurasia’.

The Symposium will take place in Orenburg from 9 to 13 September, 2018. Thematic sections, round tables, outdoor sessions and excursions will be organized. Before the symposium starts its materials shall be issued.


  1. Topical issues of steppe science. Natural, historical and cultural heritage of steppes.
  2. Evolution, structure and anthropogenic transformation of Steppe Eurasia landscapes.
  3. Landscape, biological and soil diversity of steppe regions.
  4. Problems of agrarian steppe land use and of steppe landscape ecological rehabilitation.
  5. Ecological hydrological water management aspects of nature use in the steppe zone.
  6. Socio-economic and nature resource potential of steppe regions; economical geographical aspects of steppe nature use.

The Participants should submit to the Organizing Committee until February 1, 2018 via email the completed registration form.


of a Participant of the Eighth International Symposium on Steppes of Northern Eurasia 

Full First Name and Surname: ________________________________________________

Academic Degree & Title, Position: __________________________________________________

Place of Employment __________________________________________________________________

Business Address (with zip-code): ___________________________________________________

Telephone: ______________________________________________________________

Fax: ____________________________________________________________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________________________

Report Title: _________________________________________________________________

Co-Authors: ________________________________________________________________________

Thematic Area of Symposium: _______________________________________________

Please define mandatory the format of your participation:

-   Report at a plenary session

-   Report at a thematic session or a round table session

-   Publication of materials only

Suggestions on the round table subjects: __________________________________________

Date _______________________________

The second information letter with specified dates and terms of participation shall be sent you based on the applications received after February 20, 2018.

We are waiting for the materials submitted for publication in the Collection of the Eighth International Symposium on ‘Steppes of Northern Eurasia’ in e-mail to April 10 2018.


Organizational Committee Address:
The Russian Federation, 460000, Orenburg
11, Pionerskaya Str.
The Steppe Institute of the Ural Branch of the RussianAcademy of Sciences
Attention: Mrs. Olga Grosheva
Tel.: (3532) 77-44-32; 77-62-47; Fax: (3532) 77-44-32

The Eighth International Symposium on ‘Steppes of Northern Eurasia’

Orenburg, September, 2018


The materials must correspond to the main thematic sections of the symposium.

The text should be submitted in Microsoft Word format, in Times New Roman font, 12 point, 1.5 space, paragraph indention 1 cm, on the bond paper of A4 format (210х297 mm), left margin 30 mm, the others 20 mm each.

The paper should include UDC index, the abstract in English and in Russian (up to 400 characters each).

An example of correct preparation of the material to be submitted

REPORT TITLE (in Russian and English)

Scott Grimes1, Heather Nerem2 (in Russian and English)

1 Name of Organization (in Russian and English)

(Organization postal address, e-mail) (in Russian and English)

2 Name of Organization (in Russian and English)

(Organization postal address, e-mail) (in Russian and English)


Abstract (in Russian and in English)


2 blank lines

    The text of the report (in English or Russian)













The text amount should be up to 6 pages including figures, tables, schemes that should be numbered in sequential order. For the body text, Times New Roman font should be used, no boldface, 12 point, the paragraph indention 1 cm. Any punctuation marks should be typed together with the previous word and separated from the next word only with one space. Automatic hyphenation is not acceptable. Attention should be given to correct use of ‘dash’ and ‘hyphen’ marks. The multiplication mark should be true.

The figures and tables are placed across the text following the references to them. In addition, electronic version of each table and figure should be saved into separate files in the original program format.

All graphics (only in black-and-white) should be created in the programs Adobe Photoshop (up to 6 Version), Adobe Illustrator (up to 9 Version) and supplied separately as JPEG or TIFF files with resolution not less than 300 dpi.

References to the literature in the text should be indicated by numbers in square brackets – [3], and conform to those in the reference list.

The reference list should be placed at the end of the text; following one blank line, the capitals REFERENCE LIST are typed (with no font selection) and centered. Further, all the sources used should be listed alphabetically. Separate works of the same author are arranged in chronological sequential order. Only universally known abbreviations are acceptable. The reference list should obligatory include all the works cited in the body text.

References to grants and other funding sources are placed at the end of the article and selected with bold italic font.

All materials to be published in the volume for Sixth International Symposium on ‘Steppes of Northern Eurasia’ should be sent to the email address: until April 10, 2018.

Please specify the subject of the electronic letter as The Seventh Symposium, and name the attached file by the surname of the first author and the number of thematic section, for example Grimes_2. Should you receive no confirmation for your submitted materials within 3 days please send them one more time.

The Organizational Committee retains its right to reject materials that do not meet the rules and main thematic sections stated above, with author notification.

The Materials are published in author’s version; the authors are responsible for ensuring reliability of their data


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