№49, spring 2017 
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Steppe Bulletin №49, spring 2017


Russian Steppe Project is completed: what was done

Steppe management

Sustainable pastoralism is the key to the conservation of biodiversity of natural grasslands

Steppe under protection

New steppe wildlife sanctuaries were created in two provinces of Ukraine
The seminar on conservation of steppes in the east of Ukraine
All-Ukrainian scientific-applied conference “Nature conservation in steppe zone of Ukraine”

Steppes under threat

Landscape wildlife refuge «Tarutinskaya Steppe»: be or not to be? - Studennikov, I.V. and Dyakov, O.A.
Chronicles of protection of Tarutinskaya Steppe - Vasilyuk, A.V.

Restoration of steppes

Biodiversity Convention recommends to avoid the afforestation of steppes and maintain characteristic mode of grazing during restoration of steppes

Steppe fires

Influence of fire to terrestrial arthropods in Burtinskaya Steppe (Orenburg reserve). Report 2 - Nemkov, V.A.

Regimes of steppe conservation

Distribution of trees and shrubs in unmowing steppes of Central-Chernozem reserve - Ryzhkov, O.V., Ryzhkova, G.A., Zolotukhin, N.I. and Ryzhkov, D.O.

Ecological education

Animalism at steppe holiday: drawing we learn to see - Oleksenko, A.I. and Oldvurova, D.G.
What children think about saigas? - Suttibaev, M.

Protection of species of special concern

Mass mortality of Saiga antelopes in Mongolia
Large batch of saiga horns were confiscated in China
The Prosecutor’s office activates the saiga conservation in the West-Kazakhstan province
The reintroduction of wild horses in the Orenburg reserve continues - Bakirova, R.T.
The census of Little buzzard in Orenburg province and perspectives of its conservation - Fedosov, V.N., Fedosov, A.V. and Antonchikov, A.N.
Power lines remain the treat to the Great bustard in the Kerch peninsula
The sentence for the illegal trapping of Saker falcon in Dauria


The law about pastures was adopted in Kazakhstan


In memory of Svetlana Nikolaevna Shulga


Sixth metting of Joint Russian-Mongolian Committee on environmental problems


III International scientific conference «Biological diversity of Asian steppes»
II International conference «Spatio-temporal dynamics of biota anf ecosystems of the Aralo-Caspean basin»
III International scientific-applied conference «The evolution of biosystems: problems of study, indication and forecasting»
II All-Russian scientific-applied conference with international participation «Keeping of regional Red Books: achievments, problems and perspectives»
XII International Scientific Conference «Environment and sustainable development of the Mongolian plateau and surrounding territories»

New books

New books

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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