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Steppe Bulletin №29 spring 2010

Improving steppe land use

How to optimize the use of steppe pastures of Khakassia in modern conditions - Kandalova, G.T.

Steppe under protection

To preserve Daurian steppes in the upper Amur river - Yashov V.
NEWS Wildlife refuge “Kamennaya steppe” was given under the jurisdiction of Voronezhsky reserve
NEWS Three steppe wildlife refuges were given under the jurisdiction of reserve “Chernie Zemli”
NEWS Model cooperation zone of Daursky reserve was created
NEWS New steppe national parks in the Ukraine
National park “Beloberezhie Svyatoslava”: actual values and dangerous illusions - Kolomiets A.V. et al
Bugsky Gard – to what the national park prevent? - Kolomiets A.V., Movchan Ya.I., Derkach O.M.
Preserving of biodiversity of Teniz-Korgalzhyn depression - Koshkina O.I., Koshkin A.V.

Protection of vulnerable species

Birds of Varna lakes are under threat - Gashek, V.
Biodiversity of steppes is under protection of Red and Green Books of Ukraine - Vasiliuk, A.V., Parnikoza, I.Yu. and Shevchenko, M.S.
Expierence in legal protection of species listed in Red Book outside protected areas - Parnikoza, I.Yu.
NEWS About new migration of Mongolian gazelles to Zabaikalie

Steppe region

Using of agricultural lands and station of steppe vertebrate fauna in Voronezh province after 1991 - Vengerov, P.D.

Inventory of steppes

Revelation of important steppe territories in Donetsk and Kharkov provinces - Stanislav Viter
About inventory of steppes


Russian legislation about protected areas: prospect of changes - Ignatieva, I.A.
About alteration to the law of Ukraine “About nature-reserve fund of Ukraine”


UNDP/GEF Steppe Project officially started


Scientific-applied conference “Pest management and problems of biodiversity conservation”


3-d International conference “Development of organic sector in Central/Eastern Europe and countries of Middle Asia”
International conference “Endangered species of Mongolia: conservation challenges and opportunities in 2010 and beyond”
Second workshop on the Implementation and Coordination of the Saiga Antelope Memorandum of Understanding
IV International conference “Problems of investigation of flora of Siberia”
International conference “High Nature Value grasslands – securing the vital ecosystem services of European farming”

New books

New books
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Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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