№47-48, autumn 2016 
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Steppe Bulletin №47-48, autumn 2016

Steppes under protection

Enlarged the nature reserve «Elanetskaya Steppe»
New steppe wildlife refuges in Ukraine - Vasiliuk, A. and Spinova, Yu.
Created the wildlife refuge for conservation of semi-desert landscapes and Steppe eagle in Kalmykia
Created two more steppe nature monuments in Kursk province - Poluyanov, A.V. and Malysheva, N.S
Created the nature monument «Tulip Steppe» in Kalmykia
Prepared the creation of new steppe wildlife refuge in Zabaikalsky Krai - Goroshko, O.A., Bazhenov, Yu.A., Tkachuk, T.E., Korsun, O.V., Mikheev, I.V., Pomazkova, N.V. and Pazdnikova, N.M.
New steppe protected area is created in Orenburg province - Chibilev, A.A., Levykin, S.V., Velmovsky, P.V. and Kalmykova, O.G.
Mountainous steppes became a part of the UNESCO Worldwide Heritage Object «Western Tian-Shan»

History of steppe conservation

History of conservation of steppes in the Ukraine: nature monuments 1925-1934 - Vasiliuk, A.V.

Steppes under threats

Cases of ploughing up of steppe wildlife refuges in Ukraine - Vasiliuk, A.V.
The wildlife refuge «Tarutinskaya Steppe» is in danger - Diakov, O. and Nesterenko, M.

Inventory of steppes

Results if the inventory of steppes in the eastern part of European Russia - Rogova, N.V. and Skvortsov, V.E.

Ecological network

Complex of activities on conservation of biodiversity for pilot regions of Russian Steppe Project - Tishkov, A.A., Nefedova, T.G., Belonovskaya, E.A. and Sobolev, N.A.
Seminar on development of Emerald Network in steppe region of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova - Titova, S.
Emerald Network
Project on Emerald Network of Steppe region was discussed at biogeographical seminar - Polyanskaya, K.V. and Vasiliuk, A.V.

Steppe fires

Analysis of fire danger of steppe clusters of Khakassky zapovednik - Shurkina, V.V.

Protection of species of special concern

Mass mortality of saiga: model of events - Rotshild, E.V.
New polygon for parts of space rockets threatens to conservation of saiga antelopes
Estimated the number of Saiga antelope in Kazakhstan
Estimated the number and main population characteristics of Steppe eagle in Russia
Developed the Strategy on conservation of Steppe eagle in Russia - Karyakin, I.V.
Large party of horns and skins of Saiga was confiscated in Uzbekistan
Attempts of illegal catching and export of Saker falcons were stopped in Siberia
The Lake Baikal or Olkhon mountain vole is rare steppe species demanded the protection - Litvinov, Yu.N.
First International workshop on study and conservation of Pallas’s cat in steppes of Northern Eurasia


New projects on conservation of steppes in the east of Ukraine


International scientific-applied conference «Conservation, restoration and study of steppe ecosystems in XXI century»,
All-Russia media festival «Preserved steppes of Russia»

New books

New books

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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