Steppe Eurasia: a regional review of natural diversity



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Steppe Eurasia: a regional review of natural diversity

Степная Евразия: региональный обзор природного разнообразияSteppe Eurasia: a regional review of natural diversity / А.А.Chibilev. – М.; Orenburg: Institute of Steppe RAS, RGS, 2016. – 324 pp. + incl. 96 pp.

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ISBN 978-5-7689-0382-4

The monograph is devoted to a regional review of natural diversity in Steppe Eurasia which the author understands as a megaregion enveloping steppes, forest-steppes and desert steppes in Eurasia. This megaregion representing itself a geographical space which includes a nomadic cultures habitat, a vast area of pasture cattle-breeding, it was a springboard for large-scale agricultural development in XVIII–XIX centuries, and especially in XX century. There is summarized materials of classics on the fi eld of native steppe science, publications for last 20 years in works of the International Symposium “Steppes of Northern Eurasia” (1997–2015) and journal “Steppe Bulletin” (1998–2015). The author relies on his own fi eld researches in many countries and in the majority steppe regions of Eurasia (1975–2015) and results received in the course of a landscape-historical expedition of the Russian Geographical Society (2011–2015).

At the first time, after papers published before “A View of Steppe” (1990), “An Ecological Optimization of Steppe Landscapes” (1992), “Steppes of Eurasia” (1998), “Steppe World of Eurasia” (2013), “Natural Heritage of Eurasia” (2014), the author characterizes steppes of Eurasia in accordance with regions singled out on the base of a natural-historical-administrative zoning.

The monograph is intended for researchers on the fi eld of physical geography, geoecology, nature conservation. It will be useful for teachers of geography and natural science, teachers of local history, specialists of tourism.

Reviewers: academician RAS P.Ya. Baklanov (the Pacifi c Sea’s Institute of Geography DVO RAS, Vladivostok), doctor of geography А.А.Tishkov (Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow), doctor of geography S.V. Levykin (Institute of Steppe UB RAS, Orenburg).

The monograph is published in the frame of the Russian Geographical Society grant “Steppe World of Eurasia (the stage 2015–2016)” and a state budget subject of Institute of Steppe Ural Branch RAS 2015-2016 “A research of historical-geographical and social-economic factors for reclamation and development of a steppe space in Russia and Eurasia” GR № 01201351530. The issue is supported by the UNDP/GEF/MNR RF project “Improvement of a system and management mechanisms of SPNT in the steppe biome of Russia”.

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