№46 spring 2016 
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Степной бюллетень №46

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Steppe Bulletin №46 spring 2016

Steppe under protection

National nature park «Tuzlovskie limany»: value and problems - Popova, E.N. and Russev, I.T.
NEWS New steppe areas in nature reserve fund of Ukraine
Results of work on creation of steppe protected areas in Kursk province in 2015 - Poluyanov, A.V., Malysheva, N.S., Diachenko, G.N., Sklyar, E.A. and Chertkov, N.V.
Nature monument «Tulip Steppe» for conservation of plants of Kalmykia - Djapova, R.R. and Khalginova, B.V.

Steppe under threat

Overgrazing on the brink of disaster around Rostov nature reserve - Lipkovich, A.D.
NEWS Military exercises organized in the national park «Oleshkovskie peski»
The consequences of military conflict for steppe areas of nature reserve fund in the east of Ukraine

Steppe management

On results of estimation of square of fallow lands in Belgorod province - Kitov, M.V., Grigorieva, O.I. and Tsapkov, A.N.
EVENTS Scientific-applied conference «Native breed horses: role and place in horse breeding in Russian Federation»
Regional scientific-applied conference «Modern status and development perspectives of beekeeping in Siberia»

Steppe fires

Influence of fire on terrestrial arthropods of Burtinskaya Steppe (Orenburg province) - Nemkov, V.A.

Protection of species of special concern

The first stage of reintroduction of Przewalsky’s horses in Orenburg reserve: importation of first group of founders - Bakirova, R.T. and Zharkih, T.L.
Conservation and restoration of Przewalsky’s horse: dizziness from success? - Spasskaya, N.N.
What is now known about mass mortality of Saiga antelopes in May 2015
Estimation of status of Pallas’s cat in Dauria - Kiriliuk, V.E. and Barashkova, A.N.
Modern status of the Great bustard in Central Asia and steps to its conservation - Kessler Mimi
About terrestrial molluscs in Red Data Book of Crimea - Balashov, I.


First International ornithological conference «Birds and agriculture: modern status, problems and perspectives of investigation»
Scientific conference «Actual problems of modern zoology and ecology of animals»

New books

New books

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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