Cranes of Eurasia (Biology, Distribution, Captive Breeding)

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Cranes of Eurasia (Biology, Distribution, Captive Breeding)

Cranes of Eurasia (Biology, Distrubution, Captive Breeding)Cranes of Eurasia (Biology, Distribution, Captive Breeding). 2015. (E.I. Ilyashenko, S.W. Winter, eds).Vol. 5. Moscow-Nizhny Tsasuchei, 504 p.

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Proceedings of the IV International Scientific Conference of “Cranes of Palearctic: Biology, Conservation, Management” include scientific articles on crane biology, distribution, number, migrations, captive breeding, reintroduction, population management, ecological education.

Editor of English text: Beverly Pfister
Photo on the front cover by O. Goroshko: Breeding of the White-naped Crane in Mongolia during drought

Supported by Daursky State Nature Biosphere Reserve, Russian Foundation for Basic Reserach (the project 15-04-20636) and Amur Branch of WWF Russia (the project WWF673/RU009606-15/GLM)

Approved for printing by Scientific Council of A.N. Severtsov’ Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS

Reviewers: Dr. A.F. Kovshar, Dr. V.A. Zubakin

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