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Steppe Bulletin №45 autumn-winter 2015

Strategy of steppe conservation

Biosphere reserves and conservation of steppe biome - Smelansky, I.
EVENTS All-Russian workshop “UNESCO Biosphere Reserves of Russia: modern status and perspectives for development”
NEWS Creating the biosphere polygon of Central-Chernozemny Biosphere Zapovednik

Steppes under protection

Established new cluster of Orenburg reserve!
A quarter of a century to Chernie Zemli Zapovednik - Ubushaev, B.I. and Oldvurova, D.G.
«Landscapes of Dauria»: way to worldwide heritage - Kiriliuk, O.K. and Simonov, E.
NEWS Established two more steppe nature monuments in Kursk province - Poluyanov, A.V. and Malysheva N.S.
Development of network of steppe protected areas in Kursk province is continuing - Poluyanov, A.V., Dyachenko, G.N., Malysheva, N.S., Sklyar, E.A. and Chertkov, N.V.
EVENTS Fifth meeting of Joint Russian-Mongolian Committee on environmental problems
Collaboration between Russian and Mongolian national parks

Tools for steppe conservation

Orenburg reserve builds the conversation with neighbors - Soroka, O.V.
Chernie Zemli reserve, federal wildlife refuges and local people - Ubushaev, B.S.

Steppe under threat

Chineese investment projects in Zabaikalsky steppes - Korsun, O.V.
From Editors
Provalskaya steppe. The reserve is in distress
Functioning of Ukrainian steppe nature reserve in fighting conditions in Donetsk province

Steppe fires

Largest fires in fields of the Kuban are connected with big agrocompanies - Shevchenko, D.

Target species

Correction data to «About illegal capture and use of Central Asian Tortoise in Kazakhstan», SB №43-44, 2015 - Chirikova, M.A.

Protection of species of special concern

Steppe eagle is recognized as critically endangered in Europe and globally endangered - Karyakin I.V.
EVENTS The cause of mass mortality of Saiga antelope in Kazakhstan is not clarified officially - Sklyarenko, S.L.
Workshop of parties of Memorandum of Understanding about Saiga antelope
NEWS Poaching and contraband of derivatives of Saiga antelope – 2015
Prepared the Strategy of conservation of Mongolian gazelle in Russia - Kiriliuk, V.E. and Luschekina, A.A.
FROM EDITORS Wild horses return to Orenburg steppes
First stage of reintroduction of Przewalsky’s horse in the Orenburg reserve. Preparation of infrastructure - Bakirova, R.T. and Zharkih, T.L.
Comment of research supervisor of Orenburgskaya Tarpania project - Chibilev, A.A.
EVENTS International expert seminar «Problems of conservation of Argali in Altai-Sayan Ecoregion»
Pallas’ cat in left banks of upper Onon river - Belov, I.


New legal acts of Russian Federation


BALTRAK Project. Searching for compromise between agriculture and wild nature in steppes of Kazakhstan
EVENTS Training seminars for inspectors of Russian steppe protected areas
Workshop «Fire management in steppe protected areas»
Interregional conference «Problems and ways for conservation of birds of prey. Legislative aspect»
Why IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management thinks about steppes

New books

New books
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Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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