Prevented the attempt of capture of Saker falcons in Khakassky zapovednik



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Prevented the attempt of capture of Saker falcons in Khakassky zapovednik

Kamyzyaksky steppe with Lake Ulug-Kol. Photo from Khakassky zapovednik website

Two citizens of Syria and a citizen of Azerbaijan were caught in the Kamyzyaksky steppe with Lake Ulug-Kol area of the reserve on September 8th. They hunted the falcons — birds enlisted in the Red Data Book.

The Khakassky Reserve’s inspectors together with the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Nature Management have been tracking down the men for two weeks: they followed the men’s routes, and searched for places where they could stay and keep the birds.

Detained citizen of Syria. Photo from website of Khakassky zapovednik

One of the men admitted his guilt and told that he had not managed to catch a bird. In his car he had the hunting equipment and birds used as prey—pigeons. The inspectors set the pigeons free and confiscated the hunting equipment.

The violator will be prosecuted under article 8.35 of the Code Of Administrative Offences Of The Russian Federation. Such offence implies imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of up to 5 thousand roubles. If the violator had managed to catch the birds, he would have been imposed a fine in the amount of over 100 thousand roubles.

Detained violators. Photo from website of Khakassky zapovednik

The other two men were detained later in the same area. Probably, they have managed to hide the hunting equipment and caught birds, before the inspectors detained them. They explained that they searched for their lost horse in the reserve’s area. So, they can only be accused of tresspass the reserve’s borders.

At the same day the inspectors followed another group of illegal hunters, but those hunters managed to escape.

Pigeons are used as prey. Photo from website of Khakassky zapovednik

These incidents prove that the open season of illegal hunting for falcons has started. The steppe areas of the reserve need better protection now, and the state inspectors of the Khakassky Reserve will make all efforts to ensure such protection.

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