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Steppe Bulletin №43-44 spring-summer 2015

Regulations of steppe conservation

From Editors
Again about absolute reservation for steppe ecosystems - Lyssenko, G.N.
Regimes of steppe maintenance in small reserves and theory of ecosystem functioning - Zelenskaya, N.N. and Kerzhentsev, A.S.

Steppe fires

Influence of fires to ecosystems of the reserve «Privolzhskaya Lesostep» - Kudryavtsev, A.Yu.
NEWS Large-scale steppe fires in Khakassia and Dauria
April steppe fire in Khakassky reserve
Fire in wildlife refuge «Gornaya Steppe» in Onon Dauria
Fire situation in Daursky reserve

Steppes under protection

New steppe wildlife refuge is creating in Dauria (Zabaikalsky Krai)
New steppe wildlife refuges in Ukraine - Vasiluk, A.

History of steppe conservation

Territorial protection of steppes in Ukraine: history of first decades - Vasiluk, A.

Steppe under threat

Will save Sterlitamak shikhans? - Martynenko V.B.
«Khomutovskaya Steppe» asks the help

Improving steppe land use

Preservation of low-yield arable lands for optimization of territorial protection of steppes in Eastern Orenburg area - Levykin, S.V., Yakovlev, I.G., Kazachkov, G.V. and Grudinin, D.A.

Protection of species of special concern

Steppe birds in ХХI century: retrospectives and perspectives - Belik, V.P.
International scientific-applied conference «Steppe birds of the Northern Caucasus and adjacent areas: study, use and conservation»
Death of birds on power lines and steppe protected areas of Orenburg province: the situation didn’t become better - Karyakin, I.V. and Vagin, A.A.
Facts of poaching and illegal use of Saiga horns in Kazakhstan
Disastrous mass mortality of Saiga antelopes in Central Kazakhstan
Saiga deaths on such scale is our personal loss
Saiga antelope entered to Red Data Book of Kalmykia
PROBLEM What is happenning with Center of Wild Animals of Kalmykia

Target species

Second stage of reintroduction of Steppe marmot in Central-Chernozemny biosphere reserve - Brandler, O.V., Vervald, A.M. and Vlassova, O.P.
XI International Meeting on marmots of former USSR “Marmots of Eurasia: ecology and practical importance”
About illegal capture and use of Central Asian Tortoise in Kazakhstan - Chirikova, M.A.


New legal acts of Russian Federation


UNDP/GEF Project on agroecological measures in steppe zone of Kazakhstan - Zhumabaev, E.
Steppe Eurasia: Results of landscape history expedition of Russian Geographic Society 2012-2014 - Chibilev, A.A.


International Steppe Forum of Russian Geographic Society
IV International Festival of Ecological Tourizm “Glorified Steppe”

New books

New books

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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