Enlarged the Orenburg reserve



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Enlarged the Orenburg reserve

Hedysarum argyrophyllum, Pred-Ural Steppe, Orenburg reserve. Photo by Ilya SmelanskyThe Orenburg reserve (zapovednik) was enlarged by the government regulation of Russian Federation № 700 from July 13, 2015. New cluster «Pred-Ural Steppe» known as Orlov Steppe is situated on the border of Belyaevsky and Akbulaksky districts of the Orenburg province, the square of the cluster is 16538 ha.

Thus the area of the Orenburg reserve was increased in 76% and reached 38191 ha. New cluster will ensure the conservation of large massif of steppe ecosystems and concerned biodiversity. The reintroduction of the Przewalski horses is planning here even this year.

The enlarging of the reserve became real thanks to the Institute of Steppe (Orenburg), Ministry of Nature of Russia, Orenburg reserve and attracted people who work for steppe conservation.

The borders of Pred-Ural Steppe

The Pred-Ural Steppe in Orenburg province, scheme

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