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№42 autumn 2014

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International conference “Ecosystems of Central Asia under current conditions of socioeconomic development”

mon-steppeIn commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the Joint Russia-Mongolia Complex Biological Expedition; Russian Academy of Sciences, Mongolian Academy of Sciences

8-10 September 2015, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



Acad. MAS B. Enkhtuvshin (Mongolia), Acad. RAS D.S. Pavlov (Russia)

Scientific committee:

Acad. MAS D. Regdel (Deputy Chairman, Mongolia)
Corresponding member RAS R.V. Kamelin (Deputy Chairman, Russia), Dr. Sci. Ya. Adyaa (Mongolia), Corr.-member RAS A.G. Babaev (Turkmenistan), Dr. Ts. Badrakh (Mongolia), Dr. Sci. A. Bakey (Mongolia), Dr. Sci. Kh. Dondog (Mongolia), Acad. MAS T. Dorj (Mongolia), Acad. MAS D. Dorjgotov (Mongolia), Acad. MAS A. Dulmaa (Mongolia), Acad. MAS T. Ganbaatar (Mongolia), Acad. MAS Ts. Janchiv (Mongolia), Acad. RAS N.S. Kasimov (Russia), Dr. Sci. V.T. Komov (Russia), Dr. Ma Keping (China), Dr. B. Meisner (Germany), Dr. Sci. N.P. Ogar (Kazakhstan), Dr. Sci. A.A. Onuchin (Russia), Dr. L. Orlovsky (Israel), Dr. Sci. E.I. Pankova (Russia), Corr.-member RAS V.P. Sedelnikov (Russia), Dr. R. Tateishi (Japan), Corr.-member RAS Z.Sh. Shamsutdinov (Russia), Dr. A.A. Shekhovtsov (Russia), Prof. Nils Chr. Stenseth (Norway), Prof. M. Stubbe (Germany), Dr. Sci. V.T. Yarmishko (Russia), Prof. Zhang Zhibin (China)

Organizing Committee

Dr. L. Davaagiv (Deputy Chairman) (Mongolia),
Acad. RAS Yu.Yu. Dgebuadze (Deputy Chairman) (Russia),
Acad. MAS Ch. Dugarjav (Deputy Chairman) (Mongolia),
Dr. Sci., prof. P.D. Gunin (Deputy Chairman) (Russia),
Dr. Sci. J. Tsogtbaatar (Deputy Chairman) (Mongolia)

Dr. O. Batkhishig (Mongolia), Dr. S. Bayannasan (Mongolia), Dr. Sci. B. Bayartogtokh (Mongolia), Dr. S.N. Bazha (Russia), Dr. Sh. Boldbaatar (Mongolia), Dr. Sci. J. Davaasambu (Mongolia), Acad. Ch. Dorjsuren (Mongolia), Dr. Ch. Dulamsure (Germany), Dr. S. Enkh-Amgalan (Mongolia), Dr. Sci. E.Zh. Garmaev (Russia), Dr. L.A. Ivanov (Russia), Mr. S. Kohl (USA), Dr. Sci. N.E. Kosheleva (Russia), Dr. Sci. A.V. Krylov (Russia), Dr. Sci. B.B. Namzalov (Russia), Dr. V.M. Neronov (Russia), Dr. N. Orlovsky (Israel), Dr. A.V. Prischepa (Russia), Dr. M. Saandar (Mongolia), Dr. N. Soninkhishig (Mongolia), Dr. Sci. A.V. Surov (Russia), Dr. Ts. Tserenkhand (Mongolia), Dr. B. Tsetseg (Mongolia), Dr. Sci. Sh. Tsooj (Mongolia), Dr. I. Tuvshintogtokh (Mongolia), Dr. Sci. L.L. Ubugunov (Russia), Dr. Sci. V.I. Ubugunova (Russia), Dr. Sci. Z.G Zalibekov (Russia)

Scientific Secretaries

Dr. D. Dash (Mongolia) – Phone: +976-11-321-750; Fax: +976-11-321-862; E-mail:

Dr. Sci. N.I. Dorofeyuk (Russia) – Phone: +499-124-33-13; Fax: +499-124-79-34; E-mail:;

Dr. Yu.I. Drobyshev (Russia) – Phone: +499-124-33-13; Fax: +499-124-79-34; E-mail:

Dr. B. Lkhagvasuren (Mongolia) – Phone: +976-11-453-583; Fax: +976-11-451-781; E-mail:

Dr. Sci. S.-Kh.D. Syrtypova (Russia) – Phone/Fax: +499-124-79-34; E-mail:

Dr. О. Enkhtuya (Mongolia) – Phone: +976-11-451-014; Fax: +976-11-451-837; E-mail:


September 7 – arrival and accommodation of participants

September 8 – registration; opening of conference; plenary session

September 9 – work in sections; discussion; closing of conference; gala dinner

September 10 – excursions

Working languages: English, Russian, Mongolian

Principle conference topics:

  1. Floristic-faunistic and ecosystem diversity
  2. Contemporary processes of soil cover transformation
  3. Current status of strictly protected natural territories and prospects for their development
  4. Diversity, species composition and functioning of aquatic ecosystems of Central Asia in the context of global changes
  5. Ecological-biological basis for the use and restoration of pastoral, agricultural, and forest ecosystems
  6. Ecological and socio-economic problems of environmental pollution in urban and mining centers
  7. Desertification as an ecological-economic problem: diagnosis, distribution and methods of combatting
  8. The scientific basis for the rational use and conservation of natural resources


Form of presentation (oral, poster)
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Applications for participation will be accepted until January 30, 2015, by e-mail


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