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Степной Бюллетень №42

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Steppe Bulletin №42 autumn 2014

Regulations of steppe conservation

FROM EDITORS Discussion on regulations of steppe conservation - Smelansky, I.
Station on haymaking in protected areas – the compromise among concepts of absolute reservation and active protection - Parnikoza, I.
Specialists didn’t support the station on cancelling of haymaking in reserved zones - Shaparenko, S.

Steppes under protection

National nature park in Ereimentau Upland (Central Kazakhstan) - Ismailova, F.M. and Minakov, A.I.
First ecological corridor made in Kazakhstan - Omarbekova, A.
New steppe nature monuments in Kursk province
First steppe nature monuments of Orenburg province added to land cadastre
Creation of new regional protected areas in Kalmykia

Steppe inventory

Inventory of steppe massifs in European part of Russia using remote sensing data - Rogova, N.V. and Skvortsov, V.E.

Steppe under threat

Illegal coal production is threatening to steppe ecosystems of Donetsky Kryazh - Vassiluk, A. and Kolomytsev, G.
The war in zapovednik “Melovaya Flora” - Limansky, S.V.
Consequences of war conflict for Lugansky nature reserve - Borovik, L.

Steppe fires

The war in Ukraine caused the increase of steppe fires - Vassiluk, A.V., Kolomytsev, G.A. and Shiryaeva, D.V.
Fires in steppe protected areas of Russia in 2014
Thoughts after the fire in Burtinskaya steppe - Chibilev, A.A.

History of ecosystems

“Splinters” of pleistocene megafauna in steppes of Middle Irtysh River - Kassal, B.Yu.

Protection of species of special concern

NEWS Illegal capture and contraband of Saker falcon
More Mongolian gazelles in Dauria now

Target species

Foxes of Western Manych valley - Lipkovich, A.D.


New legal acts of Russian Federation


Seventh International Symposium “Steppes of Northern Eurasia”
Scientific-applied conference “Steppe birds of the Northern Caucasus and adjacent areas: study, use and conservation”
International conference “Ecosystems of Central Asia under current conditions of socioeconomic development”
IV International scientific-applied conference “Biodiversity and conservation of genofond flora, fauna and population of Central-Asian region”

Steppe management

International scientific-applied conference “Ecological and economic strategies of sustainable land use in Eurasian steppes in condition of global climate change”
Scientific production conference “Problems of herd horse-breeding on the south of Middle Siberia and adjacent areas”

Desertification control

International scientific-applied conference “Desertification and forestation – 2014″

Desertification contr

First International conference “Desertification in Central Asia: estimation, forecast, management”


Intergovernmental expert conference on preparation of program “EcoNet of CIS”


Third festival “Glorified Steppe” celebrated in Rostov province

New books

New books

Financing issue

Financing of SB, №42

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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