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Steppe Bulletin №41 summer 2014

Regulations of steppe conservation

Protected steppe in climate cycle - Brinikh, V.
To creation of effective tool of distribution of permits on conducting regulation measures in steppe zapovedniks - Parnikoza, I.Yu., Brinikh, V.A. and Boreiko, V.E.
Hay-mayking and pasturing in steppe as imitation of former natural state - Gorbunov, S.S.

Steppes under protection

Optimization of network of regional protected areas of Rostov province begins - Hibukhina, T.Yu.
NEWS Deputies of Supreme Rada of Ukraine recommends to improve steppe conservation - (Русский) Борейко В.Е.[en]Boreiko, V.E.

Steppe region

Key steppe areas of Upper Pooskolie and perspectives of recreation of steppe protected areas network in Kursk province - Poluyanov, A.V. and Zolotukhin, N.I.

Steppe inventory

Inventory of chalk steppes in Ukraine. Report 2: Kharkov and Donetsk provinces - Vasiliuk, A.V., Kolomytsev, G.A. and Shiryaeva, D.V.

Steppe under threat

What fate is waiting for nature reserved fund of Crimea? - Shiryaeva, D. and Vasiliuk, A.
ANNOUNCEMENT Help to Lugansky zapovednik
NEWS Proceedings for illegal afforestation of steppes were instituted in Ukraine

Steppe management

Restoration of landscape and biological diversity in contest of ground question in Ukraine - Burkovsky, A.

Target species

About necessity of population approach to reintroduction of Bobak marmot - Kassal, B.Yu.

Protection of species of special concern

International Action plan on Argali sheep conservation was prepared in the frames of Bonn Convention
Complex of urgent measures to save Russian populations of Saiga antelope, Argali sheep, and Mongolian gazelle
Tulip Festival – 2014: results and perspectives - Moseikin, V.N.


New legal acts of Russian Federation


Orenburg reserve has signed the agreement on fires
Staff of steppe reserves visited national parks of Hungary
Public opinion poll in federal wildlife refuges of Kalmykia


20 years to Dauria International Protected Area!
A quarter of a century to Orenburg reserve
XI European Dry Grassland Group Meeting
International scientific-applied conference “Progress in forming and functioning of network of steppe protected areas and study biodiversity”

New books

New books

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Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
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