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Steppe Bulletin №40 winter 2014

Regulations of steppe conservation

«Regulation measures» or «absolute reservation»? - Smelansky, I.
Determined by nature - Tkachenko, V.S.
What should we conserve in steppe reserves? - Didikh, Ya.P.
Steppe reserves and absolutely reserved regime: searching for compromise - Lyssenko, G.N.

Steppes under protection

Privolzhskaya Lesosteppe reserve – past and present - Kudryavtsev, A.Yu.


Results of steppe project in Kazakhstan - Assylbekov, A.

Steppe under threat

Ploughing up of steppes in Dvurechansky national park doesn’t end - Krivokhizhaya, M.
Afforestation of Ukrainian steppes is conducted with breaking of a law - Vasiluk, A.

Steppe management

Modern status of conservation afforestation in Altai Krai - Paramonov, E.G.

Target species

First stage of reintroduction of Steppe marmot in the Central-Chernozemny reserve - Brandler, O.V. and Kolesnikov, V.V.
Wild ungulates in steppes of Middle Irtysh - Kassal, B.Yu.

Protection of species of special concern

Be afraid of «bottleneck» or not? - Pereladova, O.B.
Argali in the Ulandryk river basin (South-Eastern Altai) - Eshelkin, I.I. and Denissov, A.V.
NEWS Global action plan for Saker falcon conservation is developing
PROJECTS Project «Save the tulip – national heritage of Kalmykia»


New legal acts of Russian Federation
New international agreements


VII International conference “Reserves of Crimea – 2013. Biodiversity and nature conservation in the Azov – Black Sea area”
Conservation of biodiversity of Northern Tien Shan
13th Meeting of UNESCO-MAB East Asian Biosphere Reserve Network


Congratulations to Tatyana Bragina!


First decade of Association “Alive Nature of Steppes”


Workshop “Orenburg reserve: role in conservation of steppe ecosystems of Russia and perspectives of development”
10th International school-seminar of young scientists “Geoecological problems of steppe regions”
International scientific-applied conference “Ecological and economic strategies of sustainable land use in Eurasian steppes in condition of global climate change”
International conference devoted to the century of creation of Seversko-Donetsk biological station

New books

New books

Financing issue

Financing of SB, №40

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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