14th International ornithological conference of Nothern Eurasia



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14th International ornithological conference of Nothern Eurasia

XIV International Ornithological Conference of North Eurasia

2nd Information Letter

Dear colleagues!

Conference Committee acknowledges that XIV International Ornithological Conference of North Eurasia will take place on 18–24 August 2015 in Almaty (Kazakhstan), hosted by Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

During the Conference it is supposed to listen and discuss presentations on all range of topical questions of fundamental and practical ornithology, to summarize the results and outline perspectives for the ornithological surveys within the North Eurasian region, as well as issues of preparation and publishing of faunistic reviews in the region’s countries, popularization of ornithology and further development of its practical aspects, including conservation and sustainable use of birds, educational aspects and history of studying birds within the vast territory of North Eurasia.

By the beginning of the conference it is planned to publish abstracts of sectional presentations and full texts of plenary reports.

Conference languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

Important dates:

Due to the fact that the date for delivering proposals on plenary reports, symposia and round tables announced in the First Information Letter has already passed, but the field season and vacation time didn’t finish yet, Conference Committee took a decision to elongate the deadline for accepting these proposals up to 1 October 2014. Conference Committee asks to state the title of the proposed symposium or round table most distinctly, as well as indicate the names of conveners.

Registration forms and abstracts with the proposed status of the presentation (sectional presentation or poster) are still welcomed up to 1 December 2014. Contributors of plenary reports, who won’t have received a notification from the Program Committee on refusal or changing of the presentation status (to sectional presentation or poster) up to 1 November 2014, should prepare the full text of the presentation with illustrations (black-and-white) up to 1 quire and submit it up to 31 January 2014. It is recommended to include into the concluding part of the presentation recommendations on implementation of certain research projects, conservational and other practical actions for the upcoming 4-5 years concerning the problems discussed in the presentation.

Proposals, registration forms and materials should be sent as inclosed files to the Conference Secretariat:

menzbier-birds@mail.ru (Conference Secretariat – Anna Belousova),

m.chirikova@mail.ru (Conference Secretariat – Marina Chirikova).

Registration fee: To be paid on arrival as specified in the First Information Letter (25 euro = 1000 RUB = 5000 tenge; students pay a 50% fee). In case of alteration of exchange rate relations, the fee amount will be updated in further Information Letters.

Abstracts should be submitted only by e-mail. Each participant can submit not more than three abstracts: one abstract, where he is the only author, and not more than two abstracts as a co-author. Program Committee makes a decision on including the contributed abstracts into the program of the conference and edits a book of abstracts. In case of refusal of the contributed abstracts, Program Committee informs the chief author on the fact individually.

Abstracts submitting guidelines: Abstracts should be sent as inclosed files named in Cyrillic («Тезис») or Latin alphabet («Abstracts») adding surname and initial letters of the first author’s name [example: «ТезисыИвановАК» or AbstractsSaurolaP]. Abstracts are to be prepared in the MS Word format (*.doc or *.rtf), not longer than 400 words (excluding title, names and addresses of the authors), in Times New Roman 12, without formatting and hyphenations, using 1.5 interline interval, starting a new paragraph with 1 sm space. Tables can be included only by a reasoned request of the author; they shouldn’t exceed the text-column width (spreadsheet tables occupying the width of two sheets are not allowed).


Studying the population dynamics of birds

Payevsky V.А.

199034, Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya quay, 1, Institute of Zoology RAS

e-mail: payevsky@zin.ru

Among hypotheses and concepts suggested for an explanation of problems of population dynamics in animals, the most popular is a concept on regulation by means of factors ….

Field excursions: For the 23rd and 24th of August two field excursions are planned:

1. Great Almaty gorge in Zailiyskiy Alatau gives a possibility to ascend as high as 3300 meters above sea level and watch some high-mountain species, such as Tetraogallus himalayensis, Ibidorhyncha struthersii, Phoenicurus erythrogastrus, Mycerobas carnipes and others. There is also a raptors nursery Sunkar located in this gorge.

2. Sorbulak water basin in the semi-desert zone as far as 70 km from Almaty.

Requests for these excursions should be sent in advance, together with the registration form; in case of vacant places there will be a possibility of late registration at the beginning of the conference.

Besides, there is a possibility of 3-4-days excursion to the Chokpak ornithological station carrying out bird ringing, which is situated in 600 km westward from Almaty, close to Aksu-Zhabagly strict nature reserve. Requests for this excursion should be sent in advance, not later than 31 May 2015.

Additional information will be delivered in next Information Letters.

Updated information on the conference can also be found on the web-site of the Menzbir Ornithological Society: http://zmmu.msu.ru/menzbir

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