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Red Data Book of Buryatia Republic

Красная книга Республики Бурятия

The Red Data Book of Republic of Buryatia: Rare and Endangered Species of Animals, Plants and Fungi. 3rd Ed., Rev. and Enl. (Editor-in-Chief N.M. Pronin). – Ulan-Ude: Buryat Scientific Center SB RAS Publisher, 2013. – 688 p.: il.

ISBN 978-5-7925-0400-4

The Red Data Book is the official compendium devoted to biological species under protection within the territory of Republic of Buryatia. The List of protected animal species includes 185 species, and the List of protected plant and fungi species includes 282 taxa. Every species is briefly characterized in a uniform manner within the short article consisting of sections headed as follow: systematic position, category and conservational status, brief description, distribution, habitats and ecological traits, population size and limiting factors, realized as well as required measures for protection. Every article is followed by the drawing or photograph of the species, and also the schematic map showing the species distribution is

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