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Steppe Bulletin №39 autumn 2013

Regulations of steppe conservation

Absolutely protected steppes? - Smelansky, I.
Absolute protectedness, haymaking and grazing in steppe reserves - Boreiko, V.E.
Absolute protectiveness and conservation of steppe biodiversity - Vasiliuk, A.

Steppe under threat

Nature parks of Volgograd province: reorganization or devastation? - Kaluzhnaya, N.S.

Ecological network

Steppe ecosystems of European significance in Republic of Moldova - Shabanova, G.A., Izverskaya, T.D. and Gendov, V.S.
Steppes of Armenia and Important Plant Areas Project - Faivush, G.M. and Asatryan, A.T.

Steppes under protection

On concept of development of steppe protected areas in Kazakhstan - Bragina, T.M., Assylbekov, A.D., Agazhaeva, A.K. and Kuragulova, Zh.
What reserve could be in Kurumbel Steppe? - Nefedov, A.A.
News of the campaign «Save Ukrainian Steppes!»

Protection of species of special concern

Status and nature of cattle-breeding as factor of wellbeing of some steppe bird species - Koshkin, A.V.
Saiga in Irgiz-Torgai reserve - Aimanov, B.A.
NEWS Large party of Saiga antelope horns was arrested during import to China
Case of mass death of Saiga antelopes in Central Kazakhstan
Usage of zinc phosphide was banned in Ukraine
EVENTS International scientific-applied conference «Palaearctic Eagles: Study and Conservation»
Seventh international conference on conservation of Eastern Imperial Eagle
PROJECTS Project on protection of birds of prey from death on power line in Karaganda province


New statutory acts of Russian Federation
New statutory acts of Ukraine

Combat desertification

EVENTS Workshop «Perspectives of creation of Сoordination centre on problems of desertification»


Republican scientific-applied conference on conservation and effective management of ecosystems
Steppe video bridge for World’s Animals Day


11th European Dry Grassland Meeting
International scientific-applied conference «Success of forming and functioning of protected areas network and biodiversity conservation»

New books

New books
Issue financing

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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