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Steppe Bulletin №38 summer 2013

Ecological network

Econet of steppe zone of Ukraine: principles, scheme and elements - Vakarenko, L.P. and Movchan, Ya.I.

Inventory of steppes

Daurian landscapes can became the UNESCO object not earlier than in 2015
Geobotanic districts of Eastern Ukraine differ with steppes integrity - Vasiluk, A.V., Kolomytsev, M.V. and Krivochizhaya, M.V.

Steppe under protection

Charysh Steppe – new steppe wildlife refuge in Altai foothills - Smelansky, I.
Creating new steppe protected areas in Kursk province - Poluyanov, A.V, Diachenko, G.N, Malysheva, N.S., Mironov, V.I. and Chertkov, N.V.
New steppe wildlife refuges created in two provinces of Ukraine
Scheme of protected areas development in Altai Republic
Being created transboundary protected area “Amur River Sources” - Malkov, E.Ed.

Steppe under threat

Alternative power engineering as threat to Ukrainian steppes - Vasiluk, A.
NEWS Afforestation is threat to steppe conservation
Cases of punishment for illegal afforestation of steppes in Ukraine
Estimated preliminarily effect of afforestation to surface steppes of Belgorod province - Titova, S.V.

Steppe fires

Preparation of plan on fire prevention and extinguishing in Orenburg zapovednik

Target species

Wolf in steppe zone of Ukraine: is it possible peaceful coexistence with humans? - Shkvyrya, M., Parnikoza, I. and Boreiko, V.

Protection of species of special concern

Bustards in Omsk province - Nefedov, A.A.
NEWS Estimated status of nesting populations of Demoiselle crane and Great bustard in Black Sea region of Ukraine - Petrovich, Z.O. and Schegolev, I.V.
Census of migratory Little bustard in Kalmykia
Signed Russian-Chineese agreement on birds conservation
EVENTS International seminar on coordination implementation of Memorandum of Understanding for Saiga antelope conservation
International scientific-applied conference “Keeping and breeding of Saiga antelope in simulated conditions”

History of steppe conservation

First steppe zapovednik in modern borders of Russia - Brinikh, V.


New legal acts of Russian Federation


First tulip festival in Kalmykia - Moseikin, V.
First international workshop on ideology of reserve work
International conference “Conservation of steppe and semidesert ecosystems in Eurasia”


Protection of biodiversity in transboundary region “Northern Tien Shan”


International scientific-applied conference “Flora, vegetation and plant resources of Trans-Baikal region and adjacent territories”
Third international scientific conference on geographic bases of forming of ecological network in Northern Eurasia
Sixth conference “Fauna of South Ural and Northern Caspean Sea Region”

New books

New books

Siberian Environmental Center
Biodiversity Conservation Center
UNDP/GEF Steppe Project in Russia
Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan
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