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Conducted the large-scale census of migratory Little bustards in Kalmykia Republic

Little bustards. Photo by A. Antonchikov

The Russian Society for Protection of Birds is carrying out censuses of the Little bustard in the frames of the work on development of strategy for conservation Little bustard in Russian Federation of the UNDP/GEF Steppe project.

Research teamThe census was made by 2 groups on parallel ways. The distance between them was no less than 10 km.

The preliminary results are:

  • Main boundaries of migratory corridor was identified. Its width is 40-70 km.
  • The possible point of division of ways to northern and eastern directions was found. So it was supposed that both European and Asiatic groups (almost all Russian and a part of Kazakhstan populations) migrate through Kalmykia Republic.
  • Total 68 thousand Little bustards was recorded during the census.

Little bustards. Photo by A. Antonchikov

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