Steppes land use



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Steppes land use

Optimization of a land reserve structure and development of a specially protected natural territories network in the steppe zone of Russia

Edited by Chibilev, A.A. Оптимизация структуры земельного фонда и развитие сети ООПТ в степной зоне России

A collective monograph reflects results of the study in the frame of the RSF grant № 14-17-00320 «Development of integral indexes to optimize a supply of land structure and modernize nature management in the steppe regions of Russia»

Steppe fires and fire management in steppe protected areas: environmental and conservation aspects

Степные пожары и управление пожарной ситуацией в степных ООПТ

Presented the review of knowledge on environmental role and mechanism of origin and passing of steppe fires, specificity of its influence to main ecosystem components in different scales of space and time and in different conditions.

Steppes of Northern Eurasia: materials of VII International Symposium

Степи Северной Евразии 2015

The collection is included materials presented on VII International Symposium “Steppes of Northern Eurasia”. The work reflects the most valuable issues of stable steppe development of Northern Eurasia, problems of ecological restoration of steppe nature diversity, inventory of steppe etalons and it represents results of scientific researches in the main steppe science centers.

Face of steppe

Chibilev, A.A. Лик степи

This is the classic edition on steppe landscapes and steppe conservation in former USSR.

Materials of Fourth International Symposium “Steppes of Northern Eurasia”


Materials of Fourth International Symposium “Steppes of Northern Eurasia” (Orenburg, 2006)

Materials of Sixth International Symposium “Steppes of Northern Eurasia”

Шестой симпозиум "Степи Северной Евразии"

The materials of the Sixth International Symposium and of the Eighth International School-seminar of young scientists «Geoenvironmental problems of the steppe regions» (Orenburg, Russia, 2012)

Steppe Bulletin


Work bulletin on conservation of steppe ecosystems and sustainable use of steppes
The bulletin is publishing by the NGO “Siberian Environmental Center” since 1998

Development of scientific-based strategy of adaptation of Tyva Republic agriculture to climate changes


В издании представлен научный обзор данных об изменении климата и его влиянии на природные пастбищные экосистемы Республики Тыва. В работе впервые дана комплексная оценка состояния степных пастбищ, находящихся под воздействием климатических факторов и деятельности человека. Представлены рекомендации, которые могут составить научную основу стратегии адаптации сельского хозяйства Республики Тыва к изменению климата.

Взаємодія гусей та журавлів з агроценозами в регіоні Біосферного заповідника “Асканія-Нова” і шляхи зменшення їх впливу

Gavrilenko, V.S. and Listopadsky, M.A. Gavrilenko 2010

(Русский) Методичний посібник розрахований на приватних землекористувачів, працівників сільського господарства, мисливців, працівників природоохоронних об’єктів та всіх, хто має бажання жити в гармонії з природою.

Our steppes before and now

Dokuchaev V.V. Dokuchaev

V.V. Dokuchaev. Our steppes before and now

Biodiversity of agricultural lands in Russia: modern status and tendency


The specific aspect of agricultural lands as important areas for biodiversity and landscapes conservation is considering in the report.

Methodical guidelines on organization of optimal use of pastures in Altae-Sayan ecoregion

Робертус Ю.В., Байлагасов Л.В., Толбина З.Б., Любимов Р.В., Манышева Т.В., Аильдашев Д.К., Мамыев Д.И. pastbiha

In the guidelines on the sample of nature park “Uch-Enmek” there stated the methodical approach to study modern pastures use in the mountanous areas of Altae-Sayan ecoregion. The guidelines are based on traditional principles of seasonal outrun cattle breeding.

Steppe Bulletin
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