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Project UNDP/GEF Improving the Coverage and Management Efficiency of Protected Areas in the Steppe Biome of Russia
ПРООН ГЭФ Минприроды России
This website was created and is supported by the UNDP / GEF / Ministry of Russia project "Improving the coverage and management efficiency of protected areas in the steppe biome of Russia"

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The site is devoted to conservation, restoration and sustainable use of steppe ecosystems and steppe plant and animal species

Steppes - perhaps the most important for the national economy biome in Russia. It is natural steppe ecosystems formed the basis on which nearly two centuries is based an important part of Russian agriculture. Chernozem and close-to types of soils - the foundation of Russian agriculture, these soils are related to one of the most fertile, formed steppe ecosystem. More...

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International scientific-applied conference «Nature Conservation: achievements, challenges and prospects»
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Steppe ecosystems
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CfP: The Soviet Steppe – Culture, Environment, Economics and Politics

February 15-16, 2019, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Deadline for thesis – September 14, 2018
Deadline for full draft conference papers – January 15, 2019


The Fifth Regional Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology Asia Section «Conservation Asia 2018»

Information letter
August 6-10, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Republic


7th International Conference on the Genus Marmota «Marmots of Old and New Worlds»

7th International Conference on the Genus Marmota

First announcement
Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), August 13-17, 2018
Registration is till March 31, 2018
Deadline for materials is April 30, 2018

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Strategy of the Steppe Eagle conservation in the Russian Federation

Стратегия сохранения степного орла в Российской Федерации

The Strategy is aimed at developing a long-term system of fundamental principles and methods for the species’ conservation and takes into account the ecological processes in steppe ecosystems occurring under the impact of climate change and humans.

Optimization of a land reserve structure and development of a specially protected natural territories network in the steppe zone of Russia

Оптимизация структуры земельного фонда и развитие сети ООПТ в степной зоне России

A collective monograph reflects results of the study in the frame of the RSF grant № 14-17-00320 «Development of integral indexes to optimize a supply of land structure and modernize nature management in the steppe regions of Russia»

Steppe Eurasia: a regional review of natural diversity

Степная Евразия: региональный обзор природного разнообразия

The monograph is devoted to a regional review of natural diversity in Steppe Eurasia which the author understands as a megaregion enveloping steppes, forest-steppes and desert steppes in Eurasia.

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