Conservation of steppes in Russia


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Project UNDP/GEF Improving the Coverage and Management Efficiency of Protected Areas in the Steppe Biome of Russia
ПРООН ГЭФ Минприроды России
This website was created and is supported by the UNDP / GEF / Ministry of Russia project "Improving the coverage and management efficiency of protected areas in the steppe biome of Russia"

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The site is devoted to conservation, restoration and sustainable use of steppe ecosystems and steppe plant and animal species

Steppes - perhaps the most important for the national economy biome in Russia. It is natural steppe ecosystems formed the basis on which nearly two centuries is based an important part of Russian agriculture. Chernozem and close-to types of soils - the foundation of Russian agriculture, these soils are related to one of the most fertile, formed steppe ecosystem. More...

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Seventh International Symposium “Steppes of Northern Eurasia”
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Steppe ecosystems
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Day of Steppe in the Chernie Zemli reserve

День степи в Калмыкии, апрель 2015 г.

The celebration of the Steppe Day in Kalmykia started on April 17. The most active participator was the Black Earth reserve. The staff of the reserve made lessons in schools devoted to steppe and its conservation under support of the UNDP/GEF Steppe project in Russia.


News on steppe fires from Daursky biosphere reserve

Степной пожар в окрестностях Даурского заповедника, 18 апреля 2015 г., Забайкальский край. Фото Д. Жаргалова

The steppe fires appear in Zabaikalsky Krai and in the vicinity of the Daursky nature reserve every year. The spring of 2015 was not the exception. The inspectors of reserve in collaboration with neighbor settlements became to extinguish the fires from March 21. In April the fires were widely distributed in the krai. Fortunately the reserve ind its wildlife refuges were on the whole saved.


International conference “Ecosystems of Central Asia under current conditions of socioeconomic development”

September 8-10, 2015, Ulaan-Baatar, Mongolia
Registration – till January 30, 2015

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Steppe fires: preventive measures, extinguishing, and legal problems

Степные пожары: профилактика, тушение, правовые аспекты

The guidelines contain detail recommendations on steppe fire prevention and organization of fire extinguishing in steppe protected areas of Russia.

The 11th European Dry Grassland Meeting. Abstracts & Excursion Guides

The 11th European Dry Grassland Meeting

Steppes and Semi-Natural Dry Grasslands: Ecology, Transformation and Restoration. 5–15th June
2014, Tula, Russia. Abstracts & Excursion Guides. Tula: Kulikovo Field. 2014.

The “Orenburgsky” reservation: history of organization and nature diversity

Заповедник "Оренбургский": история создания и природное разнообразие

The monograph summarizes data of the author and the Institute of Steppe UB RAS prepared in the projecting period, organization and the beginning period of the state environmental reservation “Orenburgsky” activity. There is given a complex landscape-ecological characteristics of four plots of the reservation.

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Заповедники Оренбуржья Сайт Даурского заповедника Сайт Центрально-Черноземного заповедника Сайт заповедника Черные Земли Экологические проблемы горнодобывающей деятельности на Алтае